Blog Contributions

You want to dive into a ministry that has the same heart as you.

You want to make a difference in this space, to have your story be heard, to give a fresh perspective to every day life.

We want that, too.

The BISblog differs from the devotions in that it is more on topics such as:

  • Culture and Faith
  • Faith in every day life
  • Liturgical living
  • Vocations and living yours out
  • Theology
  • Formation
  • How did you realize your vocation?

If you’re interested in writing for the blog please submit polished blog posts or 3 writing examples via the form below.

We are looking for solid theology, unique life experiences and polished writing. We are not looking for devotional-type writing for the blog. If we choose to use the post you submitted or if we’re interested in working with you further as a writer, we will contact you.

Due to the high quantity of submissions, we cannot guarantee response to every inquiry. We also encourage you to share your favorite blog posts from your own blogs and websites in your Regional groups on the sharing threads, which our editors sometimes use to spot new and interesting writing for contributions.

We love ecumenical relationships and value our Protestant and LDS sisters greatly. In order to write for BIS, we request our contributors are practicing Catholics as our purpose is to provide a Catholic voice in living out our faith in our daily lives.

Blog Contribution Form

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