Blessed Brunch

Looking for real life community? Yup, us too.

We created Blessed Brunches as a way for women—no matter their state in life, their vocation, their calling—to make space for one another. Whether it be attending a brunch and meeting a friend for the first time or hosting a gathering with your friends, we are so excited for you.

A Blessed Brunch is however YOU want it to look:

At a coffee shop with some pastries? Sure!

At an apartment with some orange juice and tea? Yes!

At a restaurant for a Girls Night Out? Sounds great!

In a home with our Blessed is She Conversation Cards laid out at each place setting? Sounds lovely!

Blessed Brunch Stories
Blessed Brunch Stories
I was a bit nervous and wasn't sure what to expect, and I was trying to keep my expectations somewhat low to avoid disappointment. Afterwards, I felt so thankful and excited about my new connections!

Say a little prayer, ask the Lord for boldness, and then go for it!
— Megan, who hosted a Blessed Brunch in a restaurant
Blessed Brunch Stories
I was really excited to attend but didn't know what to expect. I went in with an open mind and heart, and I left feeling rejuvenated and on fire and thrilled to have made a few new sisters in Christ.

The conversation flowed, everyone was excited to be there, and friendships were formed and will grow.
— Rebecca, who attendeda Blessed Brunch in a home

Attend a Blessed Brunch

All that’s asked of you is to bring a heart open to other women and a little potluck dish to share!

PS All of our Blessed Brunches will now be on our FREE Blessed is She app! Head there to see which brunches may be in your area!


Thornhill, Ontario on May 11th 

Etobicoke, Ontario on January 23rd


McMurray, PA onFebruary 11th


Peachtree City, GA on January 28th


Puławy, lubelskie on April 30th


Granger, IN on February 4th

Indianapolis, IN on January 15th 

Lebanon, IN on January 28th


Plainview, TX on May 22nd


Hampstead, MD on January 7th

United Kingdom

Lancaster, UK on December 28th


Boston, MA on January 28th


Little Chute, WI on January 28th


Kentwood, MI on January 28th 


Powell, WY on January 14th

Host a Blessed Brunch

Head to our Blessed is She app (it’s free!) to schedule your Blessed Brunch! There you will also find our free resources: a Blessed Brunch Hostess Guide (in English or in Spanish!), conversation cards, and more!