Blessed Conversations

These small group studies are come-as-you-are, no prep needed, and perfect for continuing to build and cultivate friendship with other Catholic women.

What sets these studies apart //

In an inviting way, we weave together a mix of Church teaching, Scripture, women’s stories, and two sets of questions (one for reflection and one for discussion) to make these studies the go-to for personal use or any size group. 


"I just finished leading this study with a group of women (about 10) at my church. As the leader, I loved how the discussion questions are right there! This study was so easy to use, and all of the women really enjoyed it. Each chapter is the perfect length–absolutely doable for busy working women, grad students, and mothers! We are excited to start the Mystery study next. Thanks, BIS!"

"I loved my small group discussion getting into God the Father. Every one of the studies was so fruitful and I loved diving into living out the faith. Thank you for the introductions, reflections, and discussion questions which helped facilitate the study so much! I am excited to go through more of your studies with my small group!"

"I love all studies that Blessed is She provides and creates! As someone who is not a Catholic, but has been interested for years and drawn towards the faith, Dwell is a wonderful study and gives a great insight into beliefs of the Catholic Faith without being too complicated to someone who is not in the Catholic Church – which is wonderful!"

Rooted Blessed Conversations

ROOTED is a year-long study on seven topics of the Catechism of the Catholic Church by seven different authors.

Each study on an aspect of the Catechism has either three, seven, or eight sessions or chapters inside it. They’re designed so that each session would be one meeting of your group. This collected study book has over 40 sessions total!

Mystery Blessed Conversations

MYSTERY is a semester-long (five-month) study on each mystery of the Rosary (Sorrowful, Glorious, Luminous, and Joyful) by four different authors.

We examine our lives mirrored in Mary’s as we ponder a different layer of our relationships in each of the five Mysteries by focusing on vocation, community, home, God, and family.

Misericordia Blessed Conversations

MISERICORDIA means “mercy” in Latin. This is a quarter-long (three-month) deep dive study on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy and modern lay holy women, split among four authors.

The study opens up how to live the Works of Mercy through the examples of modern lay holy women of God from nearly every continent and walk of life.

Dwell Blessed Conversations

DWELL is 15-session study focusing on the five ways that Jesus changes our lives when we invite Him in to dwell within us.

When we draw close to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, He comes to dwell within us as a lover, nourishment, unifier, healer, and grace. Jesus alone fulfills every need and brings us lasting satisfaction. 

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We love getting to be a part of your life, whether it be in virtual community, helping you get together for in person community groups, or encouraging you as you lead a group. We’d love to continue to journey with you on our walk towards Heaven.

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We have a free study guide for you to use with a friend (or two!). It is available in English and in Spanish! Download the guide, text or call a friend, and ask her to do it with you.

It’s three sessions, all about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There’s not reading ahead and no homework. Just come, as you are.

Easy as pie.

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A community group is a group of sisters who get down to the nitty gritty of Blessed is She: sisterhood in Christ.

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