Rooted // Blessed Conversations Study on the Catechism

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Deepen your spiritual knowledge, grow in prayerful conversations, and become more rooted in faith with ROOTED // BLESSED CONVERSATIONS! This incredible year-long Catholic study program guides you through a journey of discovering God’s plan for us. Filtered through five different authors and a total of 40 sessions dedicated to five different topics covered in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 

ROOTED study book will inspire you to dive deeper into your spirituality, allowing each session to be an opportunity for enhanced prayer conversations amongst all believers. Each session is designed to be completed over the course of one group meeting - with three, seven, or eight chapters/sessions throughout every topic. You will learn about every aspect of our faith from authentic accounts and stories told by mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers in Christ around the world. 

Receiving over an entire year’s worth of daily devotions, scripture readings, questions, or comments meant to provoke reflection and even action, ROOTED will provide you with everything you need to grow closer to God and encourage a sense of togetherness within your reading group community. Be awed by God’s power in the midst of discovery; make true yet blessed conversations with others through this meaningful project today!

Product Features

  • Learn about the Catholic faith in an engaging, captivating way
  • 40 sessions perfect for individual or small group settings
  • Received the Imprimatur
  • Study with friends in a small group setting
  • Explore key doctrines of the Catholic Church
  • Understand how to live out your faith
  • Perfect for small groups or parish-wide studies
  • Get an overview of the Catechism from different perspectives