Dwell // Blessed Conversations Study on the Eucharist

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Discover the power of Jesus present in the Eucharist with Dwell // Blessed Conversations Study on the Eucharist. This 15-session study invites readers to grow closer to Jesus, unlocking His ability to change their lives forever.

Learn how to invite Him in and discover true satisfaction through narrative reflections, Church teaching, Scripture, and wisdom from the Saints. The Dwell study book explores five different aspects of how Jesus changes our lives when we give Him space to become part of it. He is a lover, nourisher, unifier, healer, and grace for us. Allow Him into your deepest places and unlock a life filled with peace and joy! 

Dive into the depths of this ancient sacrament and explore its relevance for us today. Learn practical ways to incorporate it into your daily life and feel its effects almost immediately: Onboarding a greater sense of unity within yourself and your family; Slowing down enough to breathe in the presence of Jesus; Experiencing a newfound source of strength in prayer; Gently gaining healing for heart woundedness; Feeling brim-filled with divine love through devotions habits even in seemingly insignificant moments…and more! 

For those seeking more quietude amidst these uncertain times, we invite you to join us as we delve deeply into how we can allow Jesus to dwell within us so that we may truly be healed...body, heart, and soul!

Product Features

  • Encounter Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament
  • 15 session study for you, two girlfriends, or two hundred ladies ages 18+
  • Learn about His five ways of dwelling within us
  • Grow in intimacy with Him through scripture, reflection, and teaching
  • Unfold your life story into the story of redemption
  • Find lasting satisfaction and fulfillment in Jesus alone
  • Submitted for the imprimatur. Our other Blessed Conversation studies have all received it.