2023 Social Media Internship

Remote or In-Person

Part Time: 10 hrs/wk

Objective: to assist the BIS team in furthering our mission and increasing digital reach through beautiful and engaging content and connection

Main Roles

  • Social Media Engagement & Management:
  • research and implement Instagram engagement strategies
  • daily approving and declining posts in the community Facebook groups
  • daily engagement with FB group posts
  • curate unique tweets and captions for social media
  • weekly interaction and comments on Youtube
  • collaborate with social media team to maintain a unique and engaging presence


  • Excellent communicator and encourager
  • Must have a computer and working phone
  • A flexible team player & easy to work with
  • Docile to the Holy Spirit’s creativity
  • Willing to pray and discern through work
  • Organized and creative
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Part-Time Podcast/Youtube Producer

We’re looking for a motivated woman looking to grow her experience in video and podcast production to work with Jenna and Blessed is She producing the Blessed is She Podcast, youtube videos, and Teachable Tuesday.

Time: 4-8 hours per week

(2-3 hours on site, 2-5 hours off site)

Internship Requirements:

  • Must be local to Tempe, AZ or Phoenix area
  • Familiar with and a part of Blessed is She
  • A computer that can handle video editing with Final Cut Pro installed
  • Some beginner experience editing in Final Cut Pro
  • Willingness to learn, follow instructions, and accept feedback

Skills and Experience You’ll Gain:

  • Lighting a set for video
  • Podcast production of the Blessed is She podcast
  • Video production of the video version of the Blessed is She Podcast
  • Editing in Final Cut Pro
  • Social Media Live Streaming
  • Podcast recording, editing, and production
  • Video production for Youtube
  • Video editing of micro-social media clips for sharing


  • Setting up video and podcast equipment, checking settings, and monitoring equipment during filming
  • Wiping memory cards and uploading recorded footage/audio to a google drive
  • Uploading and publishing finished podcast and videos
  • Working with a team to learn video editing of the podcast and videos

To apply contact Jenna at and list any related experience with video and podcast production and post-production.

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Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for a hard working, fun loving, ministry-hearted gal. We want someone who not only works hard but also loves and believes in the Blessed is She mission.

How We Roll At BIS

We are a highly collaborative team who loves to bounce ideas off of each other all day. It’s always something new every day. We are a tight knit team who loves sharing and talking to each other about our personal prayer, life, and ways in which we can be better sisters to each other. Above all else, we desire for each other to know the Lord and to have sisterhood in the community, and the same rings true in the office. We are constantly learning here so we use Google a lot and figure it out as a team.

Most importantly, we love Jesus. All of this work we do is for Him, and He gets the glory and praise first and always.

Does it sound like you would be a good fit to be an intern at Blessed is She? Shoot your resume over to Jenna at

We can’t wait to chat with you, friend :)