To the End: The 2019 Blessed is She Lent Journal for Women

lent devotional for women

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I approach Lent with a self-improvement mentality. When I think about what to give up, take up, and reflect upon, I tend to think about what’s going to make me a better person. And that’s not a bad thing. Where I go wrong, however, is when I make that my sole purpose and focus for Lent. So Lent becomes more about me, and not so much about Jesus.

But of course, Lent is not ultimately about me. It’s about Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross. Lent is about His great love for us, a love so consuming it drove Him to become one of us, to suffer for us, and to die for us. He became a slave so that we would be set free. That should be our focus for Lent.

To the End: The Story of Sacrificial Love

Considering this, Blessed is She’s 2019 Lent Journal, To the End, is centered on that same sacrificial love of Jesus. Written by Jenna Guizar with co-authors Beth Davis and Nell O’Leary, this year’s Lent Journal examines seven characteristics of Christ’s sacrificial love, illustrated most profoundly in His Passion and Death. With each week of Lent we will reflect on Our Lord’s:

  • Vulnerability
  • Generosity
  • Courage
  • Humility
  • Faithfulness
  • Surrender
  • Presence

Learning Love Himself

Our hope this Lent is that we would gain new understanding of Jesus’ love for the world and how we can emulate His sacrificial love in our own lives.

In pondering what women’s hearts tend to need, we fell on the theme of learning love. Learning to love, but also learning Love Himself. Jesus teaches us to love so spectacularly through His Passion and Death. We took sacrificial love and examined a handful of components that could be emulated by us. The Church, in her wisdom, offers us so much richness in the fullness of her teachings on each of these topics, as do the writings and examples of the Saints and Doctors of the Church! – Nell O’Leary

The Story of Our Salvation

The title for the Lent Journal comes from John 13:1, “He loved his own in the world and he loved them to the end.”

As a Blessed is She community, we’ll spend this Lent walking with Jesus through Holy Week according the Gospel of Saint John (chapters 13-19).

So often we reserve a deep dive into these Scriptures for Holy Week itself, but they are so rich! They deserve a longer look and more prayer than I normally give them. We are going to journey with Jesus throughout this week in particular to learn how to love in imitation of Him. – Beth Davis

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A Lent Journal for Women

Much like Advent, Lent can be a busy time in our lives. Spring activities abound, and it’s easy to be distracted from the spiritual work going on in our hearts. Our hope is that the Lent Journal gives you a moment of pause and reflection.

Is this for Individuals or Groups?

Both! You can move through the Lent Journal on your own or with a group of women. If your small group is looking for something to pray with and discuss during Lent, this is ideal!

Additional Tools and Ways to Pray

Along with To the End, you’re welcome to also check out the Lent bundle, which includes the Lent Journal, a print, and a tote designed by Erica of Be a Heart.

He Loved Them to the End

Sisters, we can’t wait to pray with you through Lent. It’s our hope that To the End helps you encounter the Person of Jesus in a new way, and facilitates a deeper experience of Christ’s sacrifice of love.

I hope this helps us dive into Scripture in a really profound way. I want us to open up our Bibles and put ourselves in the scenes, flesh them out, and see how Jesus is moving in our lives by praying through these Scriptures. -Jenna Guizar


May we all grow closer to Him, and live by His example and grace!

We hope the Lent Journal speaks to each woman on her journey to live a life of heroic virtue and equips her with inspiration and examples on how to love sacrificially. -Nell O’Leary

Will you be joining our community in reading To the End this Lent and reflecting on the sacrificial love of Our Lord?

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