The Lord Delivers Us

The snow whipped around our car as we traveled through the wet lake-effect snowstorm east of Lake Erie. My Michigan-native husband gripped the wheel, focused on the barely visible track from the car in front of us. Warm and snug beside him, I clutched a rosary over my swollen pregnant belly, praying and trusting our three guardian angels and my husband’s snow driving abilities.

Perhaps we had the same youthful confidence of David as we braved the storm to drive from Buffalo, New York to visit our families for Christmas the first winter of our marriage. David trusted in the Lord’s protecting help for his face-off with the giant Goliath just as he had trusted the Lord to help him when he faced the lion and the bear attacking his father’s sheep (see 1 Samuel 17:37). He was God’s chosen and anointed one, a man after God’s heart, who did God’s will (See Acts 13:22.)

We, too, have been anointed and chosen at our Baptism, and again at our Confirmation, to do His will. He helps us to face our trials and to overcome our difficulties so that we can become holy and united to Him. David’s battle with lions, bears, and Goliath symbolize for us the spiritual battles we face against the enemy in our temptations to sin.

Like David, we can turn to the Lord and confidently pray for His help. When he prayed for help, David did not sit around and wait for a response. Instead he used his God-given talents and strengths and prayed to the Lord to aid him in using them to overcome His enemies. Goliath fell with the first stone David flung because of the help of the Lord.

Similarly, my husband and I sought God’s help for our safety when we decided to travel cautiously and skillfully through the snow. And He delivered us through that storm.

But more importantly, He delivers us from spiritual evils when we go to Confession and ask for His grace and prudence to avoid occasions of sin. His grace does not help us unless we accept it and fight, as David did, on His side.

We, too, have been anointed and chosen at our Baptism, and again at our Confirmation, to do His will. // Susanna Spencer Click To Tweet

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Susanna Spencer is the Theological Editor for Blessed is She who studied theology and philosophy in her earlier life. She happily cares for her three adorable little girls, toddler boy, and her dear husband in Saint Paul when not writing and editing. She loves beautiful liturgies, cooking delicious meals, baking amazing sweets, reading good books, raising her children, casually following baseball, and talking to her philosopher husband. She is a contributing author to our children’s devotional prayer book called Rise Up and Theological Editor of the Catechism Studies, the Rosary Studies, and the Works of Mercy study. You can find out more about her here.

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    January 22, 2020 at 10:26 am

    This really stood out to me: “When he prayed for help, David did not sit around and wait for a response.” He trusted. He acted. He moved! How often do I pry and then sit and wait instead of act? I need to do my part and pray.
    Another thing that stood out to me was that David used a rock to kill Goliath. In the psalm, the response is, “Blessed be the Lord, my Rock!” God’s power is the rock that David flung at Goliath. David had complete faith in God. I need to have a strong, confident faith like that, too.

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