Blessed Brunch

Looking for real life community?

Yup, us too.

Join us at a Blessed Brunch near you:

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan on August 15th

Kenmore, Washington on August 18th

Anaheim, California on August 19th

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on August 19th

Chicago, Illinois on August 19th

Green Bay, Wisconsin on August 19th

Kyle, Texas on August 19th

Pearl City, Hawaii on August 19th

Vancouver, Washington on August 19th

Houston, Texas on August 20th

Okinawa, Japan on August 20th

Grimsby, Ontario on August 22nd

Downington, Pennsylvania on August 26th

Las Vegas, Nevada on August 26th

Midland, Texas on August 26th

Temecula, California on August 26th

Lorton, Virginia on August 27th

New York, New York on August 26th

Justin, Texas on September 8th

Austin, Texas on September 9th

Belleville, Kansas on September 9th

D’berville, Mississippi on September 9th

Long Beach, New York on September 9th

Louisville, Kentucky on September 9th

Round Rock, Texas on September 14th

Forest Lake, Minnesota on September 16th

Gainesville, Florida on September 16th

Tallahassee, Florida on September 16th

Danville, Illinois on September 30th

Fredericksburg, Virginia on September 30th

Lynn Haven, Florida on September 30th

Interested in hosting a Blessed Brunch?

This is a brunch (or lunch or dinner or drinks!) where we are getting down to the nitty gritty of Blessed is She: community in Christ.

You and others in your region will get together, share a meal, share in conversation, + pray together.

It will be a potluck (all the host does is open her home with coffee + water!).

And don’t forget your personal flair!

This will be special, unique, and totally YOU.

Contact us if you’re interested!

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