Looking for real life community?

Yup, us too.

Join us at a Blessed Brunch near you:

Indianapolis, IN on October 18th

Bowie, MD on October 20th

Cincinnati, OH on October 20th

Erie, PA on October 20th

Longmeadow, MA on October 20th

Luray, VA on October 20th

Prairieville, LA on October 20th

Dublin, Ireland on October 20th

Valencia, CA on October 20th

Tacoma, WA on October 23rd

Temple, TX on October 23rd

Harden, NSW, AUS on October 27th

Jacksonville, FL on October 27th

Marquette, MI on October 27th

McAllen, TX on October 27th

St. Louis, MO on October 27th

Stoneham, MA on October 27th

Temecula, CA on October 27th

Charlotte, NC on November 1st

Erie, PA on November 3rd

Farmington Hills, MI on November 3rd

Glen Ridge, NJ on November 3rd

Grand Rapids, MI on November 3rd

Vancouver, WA on November 3rd

Pearland, TX on November 4th

Euless, TX on November 10th

Lurgan, UK on November 10th

Lutz, FL on November 10th

Minneapolis, MN on November 10th

Punta Gorda, FL on November 10th

Beloit, WI on November 11th

Deer Park, WA on November 11th

Carlsbad, CA on November 17th

Charleston, IL on November 17th

Las Vegas, NV on November 17th

Oro Valley, AZ on November 17th

Stony Brook, NY on November 17th

London, Ontario on November 24th

Saint Paul, MN on November 24th

Ocala, FL on December 1st

Shrewsbury, MO on December 1st

Charlotte, NC on December 6th

Vancouver, WA on December 8th

New York, NY on December 9th

Henderson, NV on December 22nd

Seaside, CA on January 9th

Ladera Ranch, CA on January 11th

Saint Paul, MN on January 12th

Fort Myers, FL on January 13th

Charlotte, NC on January 17th

Ramsey, NJ on January 20th

Castle Rock, CO on February 2nd

Charlotte, NC on February 7th

Saint Paul, MN on February 9th

Charlotte, NC on March 7th

Saint Paul, MN on March 9th

Charlotte, NC on April 4th

Saint Paul, MN on April 13th

Charlotte, NC on May 9th

Interested in hosting a Blessed Brunch?

This is a brunch (or lunch or dinner or drinks!) where we are getting down to the nitty gritty of Blessed is She: community in Christ.

You and others in your region will get together, share a meal, share in conversation, + pray together.

It will be a potluck (all the host does is open her home with coffee + water!).

And don’t forget your personal flair!

This will be special, unique, and totally YOU.

Contact us if you’re interested!

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  • You will be receiving a hostess guide in your email!

Please note: due to the volume of submissions we receive, it may take several days for us to set up your Blessed Brunch. Thanks so much for your patience!