Write + Pray // 9 Sessions

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Part 1 or Part 2

For nearly six years, you've come alongside Blessed is She to read the Word and the daily devotion emails every day.

Now, we invite you to sit with the Word and unpack it in a uniquely personal way, finding your own story.

Discover your story within His.

Immediately upon purchase you will receive a digital download with your exclusive access to the course.


+ nine sessions of content
+ one 5-minute video per session
+ 4 scripture passages and 4 reflection questions to prompt writing
+ self-paced
+ narrated examination by Nell O'Leary

Write + Pray is perfect for a personal writing exercise, a time of self-examination inspired by the Divine Word. You can easily adapt to do with a small group, a partner, or a loved one.


Session 1 // nourishment & fasting
Session 2 // sleep & rest
Session 3 // treasure & poverty
Session 4 // shame & healing
Session 5 // failure & success
Session 6 // rejection & acceptance
Session 7 // hurt & forgiveness
Session 8 // trust & betrayal
Session 9 // loss & rebirth


You are called to evangelize and share the Gospel in your everyday life, to those around you, to those you encounter, to those you love. Would you like to feel more equipped to do that? Our next session of the “Write + Pray” series, “Share Your Story,” will help you do just that.

Share the story He’s writing with your life.

Write + Pray Part 2 is perfect for a personal writing exercise and a time of self-examination inspired by the Divine Word. Thousands of women partook in our Write + Pray Part 1 and we are delighted to offer a deeper, more in-depth examination of how to share the story you’ve uncovered through prayer and examination.


Session 1 // imposter syndrome & confidence
Session 2 // formation & opposition
Session 3 // being called & being sent
Session 4 // relationship & encounter
Session 5 // empathy & boundaries
Session 6 // companionship & isolation
Session 7 // discouragement & surrender
Session 8 // spiritual consolation & dryness
Session 9 // example & explanation

Both Part 1 and Part 2 also include an 8 minute workshop vid & handout to help you do it with a group!