Love One Another Mug

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Introducing the LOVE ONE ANOTHER MUG: an accessory full of intention, invitational spirit, and a reminder that friendship can be beautiful when it's rooted in the Lord and our Faith. The first sip of your morning coffee or tea from this special mug will instantly rouse up a feeling of connection, inspiration, and purpose. Let this beloved cup be a companion that guides you with its faith-driven message: to Love One Another - John 15:12.

Serve your family, friends, or colleagues with a hot cup full of grace, love, and faith! Practical, creative, yet fashionable – the LOVE ONE ANOTHER MUG doubles as an ideal gift for those moments when we want to give (and receive) something meaningful beyond just ordinary. With its sleek design, neutral color palette, and sturdy construction, this mug will always be there to remind us to extend more love throughout the day.

Whether you invite guests over for brunch or share a tea time moment by yourself, having the LOVE ONE ANOTHER MUG nearby helps bring peace, hope, and well-being - all the benefits of being part of something bigger than ourselves. So what are you waiting for? Start living more intentionally; express your faith in style, and add our LOVE ONE ANOTHER MUG to your collection.

Product Features

• A reminder to love one another
• Invite others into your life and be intentional with your friendships
• Intimate conversations rooted in faith
• Fosters good, solid, beautiful friendships

**Hand Wash Recommended**