What is Holding You Back?

jan 12th

“And immediately they left their nets and followed him.”

Every time I hear this Gospel passage I always wonder, “What happened after they dropped their nets to follow Jesus? Did they ever regret the decision or second guess themselves? What did their families and friends think? What happened where the story ends?”

This one sentence is so provoking and challenging for us who truly strive to follow Jesus in our daily lives. When Jesus called them, they immediately left and followed him. I know in my life when the Lord calls me or wants me to do something, I often get fearful and anxious right away. I start to ask questions like, “Okay, but how will this end up? What if it gets hard or I can’t do it? What if I feel I cannot go on and want to give up?” I struggle with answering the call of Jesus in my life. But I think deep down I struggle because I doubt myself and I am afraid of suffering. I don’t trust the path Jesus has already paved ahead for me.

Each of us is on a journey. God has placed YOU in this world in this specific time of history for a mission and purpose. When Jesus calls you to more deeply fulfill it, what is your response? Are you like those humble fishermen who literally left it all to answer the call of God on their lives? Or do second guess yourself, fearful of all what this may entail? Why do we hesitate with Jesus?

Take five or ten minutes of quiet today. Turn off the phone. Close your eyes. Sit in a comfortable chair. Ask Jesus what holds you back from immediately answering His call on your life. Allow the Lord to strengthen and reassure you.

Following Jesus is never easy, but when we can identify what holds us back from answering His call, we can experience greater freedom and joy in Him.

photo by Emily Trutter

Patty Hubbard is a new-ish wife finishing grad school, working in youth ministry, and learning to cook more than your average Lean Cuisine. You can find out more about her here.

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