Mighty Deeds in Our Midst

Recently, I’ve received some very significant healing in my life. It’s not yet full or complete in its entirety, but it is great nonetheless. It is a kind of healing I’ve been praying, hoping and longing for—for a very long time now. It’s been brought about through various means, such as through the intercession of others praying for me, doctors, rest, medication, nutrition, exercise, and simply the healing graces of God.

It’s been slow like the silent and gradual progression through seasons. Winter shifts into a chilly spring and then almost without your noticing it, you find yourself hot and sweaty and you ask, “How did it get to be summer??” It’s happened so slowly that I’m only now remembering that not too long ago there really was snow and ice on the ground.

I almost haven’t recognized God’s gentle yet powerful hand among the little triumphs. I almost haven’t noticed these simple gifts and graces. The journey still continues and the challenges are not yet over; but nevertheless, these are mighty deeds that God has worked and is working in my life.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus rebukes the towns who did not repent after witnessing His mighty deeds. I ask myself today if I am allowing the mighty deeds God has worked in my own life, despite seeming so slow and subtle at times, to bring me closer to Him. Have I allowed the challenges and the healings I’ve experience to turn my heart to the Lord?

The Lord is alive and present among us. He works His mighty deeds among us even today. Where is the Lord bringing His power and might into your life, even in gentle or subtle ways?

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Take a moment to look back and recognize some of the “mighty deeds” God has been working in your life, even if only through slow and subtle ways you may not yet fully recognize.

Mary Catherine Craige enjoys spending her time creating art, writing, and playing her Irish harp. She uses her experience as a Montessori teacher and catechist to serve young children through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. As a life coach for business leaders, she encourages and challenges women in all walks of life to more deeply discover their purpose and live their full potential. You can find out more about her here.


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    July 18, 2017 at 8:01 am

    Oh my goodness your story is my story! I too have had wonderous healing in my life as well. It too has been a slow gradual process that truly brought me so close to God. My struggle today is that I felt so close to our Lord in my pain and suffering but not as close in my good health. I needed this reminder today. Thank you and I pray for your continued healing.

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      July 18, 2017 at 11:05 pm

      Debby, I have a similar experience. Thanks also for the reminder. I need to rejoice for this time!

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