Ask Our Father for Help



Fear not, I will help you. It seem so easy. We know we were created by an all-loving God who is ours twenty-four hours a day. We must only ask for His help. However, how often do we forget that it is just that simple?

The to-do list lengthens as the laundry piles up. There are noses to wipe and meals to prepare. On top of it all, there are so often tiny voices crying for our help. Trusting us completely to fill their needs a midst the hundreds of other things that fill our days, our children don’t question that they will indeed get the help they need. They simply ask. As we should of Him.

When it is so easy to worry, to get caught up in the busyness of this season, let us pause for a moment and ask Him for help. Help to peacefully go about our days preparing for the celebration of His birth.  Help to remember that even when it feels like we cannot take another step or say “yes” to one more thing asked of us, He is there to carry us forward. Help to know that our trials, however burdensome, are not meant to be carried alone. Help to know that just as our children come to us with complete trust, we, as His children, can go to Him. Help to know that we are never alone and truly have nothing to fear.

Let’s be a little more like those children crying for help, putting aside our desire to do it all and humbly bowing before Him in his glory. He tells us He will never forsake us. He only asks that we “fear not.”  Let us put all our trust in that.

Britt Fisk is the wife of Jeremy and mother of four young kids.  She spends her days living simply in the-middle-of-nowhere-New Mexico helping with the family beef cattle operation. You can find out more about her here.

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