Saint Joseph, Patron Saint of “What Am I Doing with My Life?”

It’s happened to all of us. At least once. Likely many more times.

It may be a flustered, fleeting fathoming. It may be a more contemplated conundrum.

Sometimes it’s a not-so-serious thought born of temporary discomfort or fatigue. Sometimes it’s a more pressing question posed to Our Lord in desperation.

But we’ve all done it. Whether quietly within the depths of our souls, or audibly while we are up to our elbows in literal or figurative crap, we have all wondered, “What am I doing with my life?”

Maybe life doesn’t quite look like what you hoped. Maybe it does, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by your repetitive duties. Maybe, instead of focusing on your own path, you are looking to the right and to the left at what others are doing.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Wow, look at her. Look at all the good things she has going on. Look at all the good she is. Am I that good? I don’t think what I’m doing is as important as what she’s doing.”

Many of us who are seeking to know, love, and serve the Lord are eager to do big things for Him because we big-time love Him with big hearts and nothing but the best and biggest will do for our Darling. But sometimes our day-to-day lives don’t feel that big or that important, and we can be left wondering what on earth we’re doing with our lives.

The Striking Silence of Saint Joseph

In these moments, Saint Joseph is the remedy. I love this man, and you probably do, too.

Did you know that Saint Joseph is not once quoted throughout the entire Bible? Not once! We do not have any of his words recorded; and honestly, only a few moments of his life are written down for us.

And yet, Saint Joseph is often hailed as the greatest saint next to his wife. He is called the “terror of demons” and is the patron saint of the dying (aka every human person at some point).

Oh, and he is the patron of the entire Universal Church.

Throughout the Gospels, he is totally silent. But his life reverberates so loudly that he terrifies Satan and can clearly be trusted with praying for every Christian everywhere for all of time.

Saint Joseph’s Life is the Answer to, “Does What I’m Doing Even Matter?”

So what gives? What makes Saint Joseph so holy? I think it’s his unwavering obedience, fidelity, and love for his God and his family.

You know, Saint Joseph probably had moments when life didn’t look like what he thought it would. Remember, he was betrothed to Mary when she found herself suddenly with child by the Holy Spirit. For Saint Joseph, as faithful as he was, that had to be a tough pill to swallow. In fact, he even decided to divorce her (quietly, in order to spare her life, because he’s a good guy) until God sent an angel to him in his dreams to straighten everything out.

Then he had to drag his super-pregnant wife to Bethlehem for a census. On a donkey. And they couldn’t find a place to stay.

Then once the baby was born, they had to flee their native land as refugees to keep Him alive.

So yeah, I’m pretty sure he can sympathize with our frustrations.

But what Saint Joseph did in the midst of these moments is what makes him great. His humility is what exalts him. Throughout his simple life, living with the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus, working as a carpenter, and being a part of their community, Saint Joseph committed himself to the tasks set before him. He trusted in the Lord’s plan and placed his whole heart right there. He saw value in even the most mundane duties, thus making them holy and powerful.

To those around him, it probably didn’t look like Joseph was doing big and mighty things for God. What Saint Joseph did in his quiet life was imbue every boring, repetitive action with electrifying love. His silence is so deafening because he ceaselessly searched for the joy of the Lord in the every, ordinary moment. His service to the Lord has such great meaning because his heart was all-in.

How We, as Women, Can Learn from Saint Joseph

When we wonder if what we are doing even matters, Saint Joseph’s life is the answer.

When we feel confused or hopeless or tired or discouraged, Saint Joseph’s persistence in love is the anecdote.

When we view our lives as small, wishing we could do bigger things for Jesus, Saint Joseph’s contentment within his vocation and state in life serve as our inspiration.

As we move through Lent, sisters, let’s keep Papa Joseph in mind. Look at where the Lord has called you in this moment. Examine your vocation. Get comfy in your state in life. Remember that God chose a simple, imperfect man to protect and guide Himself and His mom, and that He will also give you the grace necessary to serve that which has been entrusted to your charge. Because when you are serving Jesus with love and fidelity in the very place He has called you, you are doing mighty big things for His Kingdom.

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Written by Olivia Spears. Find out more about her here.

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    Maria Francesca
    March 29, 2017 at 10:28 am

    I really needed to hear this. I have been feeling like what am i really doing with my life? St. Joseph’s example teaches me to still trust God even when there seem to be obstacles in my way.
    I pray for courage and persistence when faced with challenges knowing that like st. Joseph; it will come to pass!

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