The Art of Being Present: 5 Lessons from the Eucharist

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Do you know what I love most about the Catholic Church? Christ’s Real Presence in the Eucharist.

I’m amazed at the theological awesomeness and extraordinary miraculous nature of the Eucharist. But most of all, I’m blown away that God loves me so much He just wants to be with me.

Day or night, He never gets tired of being with me.

Rain or shine, He wants to be with me.

It’s never too hot or too cold.

He’s never too tired or too busy.

Jesus is always there, present in the Eucharist. He’s waiting for me to come spend time with Him.

I feel so loved.

I want others to know this same love.

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5 Lessons from the Eucharist About the Importance of Being Present

Sisters, Jesus calls us to do spread His love throughout the world. To live the Faith. To witness to the great love God has for each and every person with all we say and do.

The Eucharist inspires us to spread Christ’s love with the simple gift of our presence.

In it, Jesus shows us how to reach out to our neighbor.

Here’s how to pass on His gift of love.

1. Make Eye Contact

In Eucharistic Adoration, Jesus meets us face to face.

He’s exposed in the monstrance where we can see Him. And He doesn’t ask much of us. Only to pause and step away from all the busyness.

To look at Him with love.

We can think of this loving gaze we share with Jesus when we’re chatting with a friend.

Let’s make a mindful effort to leave our busyness behind for a minute. And pause to look our friend in the eye.

Today, experience the love in your friendship—face to face, exposed and laid bare for each other to see.

2. Share a Meal

Jesus instituted the Eucharist at the Last Supper.

It’s no mistake that Jesus chose a meal as the time to give us the ultimate gift of love. Meal time is a place of comfort, conversation, and communion.

The meal brings us together.

As a Church, the Mass is where we join in community to dine with Jesus.

We can take this community home to our table.

We can take some time to share a meal with a friend. Whether it’s peanut butter sandwiches at the park, a home-cooked meal, or a date night out.

Sisters, sit down and catch up with someone you love by sharing a nice meal and a long conversation.

Reconnect over some comfort food.

3. Embrace Quiet Time

At Mass we pray and sing and read and talk. But at Adoration, we often have time to sit and be quiet.

We enjoy Christ’s presence without the need to say anything.

Jesus loves us for more than what we do or what we have to say. He loves us so much He enjoys simply being with us.

And that’s it.

No pressure.

Sometimes, with a friend, we run out of things to say. And we may try to fill the space with idle chit chat.

But we don’t have to.

It’s okay to simply be with someone we love. To enjoy the quiet and feel their presence in the room.

We love our friends even when there’s nothing to do or say.

Today, send the message that “It’s so nice just to be with you.”

Let your friend know that you love them. For who they are. All you need is their presence.

And that’s it.

No pressure attached.

4. Put Down Your Distractions

God is present in the Bible. He’s present to us in our neighbor. God is with us in all of the world around us—a reflection of His beauty and life.

But God is most present in the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is all of Him—Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. All of Him and nothing else.

No distractions.

We live in a digital world. So many of our interactions with people are through the phone or internet.

We send texts and emails and follow each other on social media. And even when we’re together, we can be distracted by the phone in our hands.

Friend, put the phone down.

Lay all your distractions aside.

Give your friend all of you. Your whole presence, your whole attention, with nothing in the way.

5. Keep in Touch

The Church requires that we get to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation.

This is the bare minimum of what we need to do to keep our relationship with Jesus alive.

The longer we’re away from Him, the further our hearts drift apart.

So the Church calls us back every week.

And she recommends frequent, even daily Communion. This will help us grow more and more in love with Jesus.

The same goes for our human friendships.

We need to stay in touch in order to keep our relationships alive. We can be intentional about maintaining our closeness by checking in weekly or even daily.

A quick “thinking of you” message or phone call.

A thoughtful act of kindness.

A visit when we’re able.

Today, think about a loved one you’re drifting apart from. Plan how you’re going to reconnect with them.

Reach out and stay in touch.

Thank You, Jesus, for the Real Presence

Jesus knew what He was doing when He gave us the Eucharist.

He was extravagant in His love. He made Himself present to us. Really, truly, one hundred percent present.

The Real Presence teaches us how to practice the art of being truly present in our own lives.

How can you be really present today?

Dear Jesus, thank You for the great gift of Yourself You give us in the Eucharist. Your Real Presence is an amazing, astounding act of love.

Help us to receive Your love with hearts wide open.

May we run to Your love.

May we rush to adore You and love You in return in the Eucharist.

Help us cherish the gift of Mass and Adoration. And help us learn from them. Teach us how to love our neighbor just like You love us.

Show us how to bless others with the gift of our presence.

Inspire us to be there for our friends, our family, our loved ones, and even strangers. Let your love flow down from the Eucharist, through us, and into the world.


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Sara Estabrooks is a Catholic wife, mathematician, former teacher, sometimes artist, and full time mom who loves the mystery of the Holy Eucharist. On her blog, she opens wide the doors of her heart to let you in on the joys, struggles, questions, and life lessons she encounters while seeking a life of holiness. She invites you to pray and reflect along with her on the journey of your vocation here.

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    Cathy Schoen
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    Thank you for your beautiful words! I love the truth and simplicity of them. What a great idea to compare our relationship with Christ in the Eucharist to earthly relationships!

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