a brand new 52 week devotional //

Have you been searching everywhere to understand who you are?

Looking and looking—in the world, in your family, in your friendships, in your job—and coming up empty?

There is Someone looking for you, too. And He is the only One who can tell you just who you are: His beloved daughter.

The world will tell us to look for the next enlightenment, personality test, and more, but our identity is and will always be found in the Lord Himself.

Welcome to Made New: 52 Devotions for Catholic Women.


This will be the year we remember Whose we are.

You're invited to soak in God's Word as you embrace your identity as a beloved woman made in His image.

Made New walks with rich reflections through the Gospels, substantive Scripture for prayer through Lectio Divina, and prompts for spiritual growth. 

This devotional will draw you into relationship with a God who is loving, mighty, and committed to your flourishing, a God who advocates for you, a God who delights when you come to Him.

Over the course of 52 weeks,
you will uncover:

theme 1:

you are beheld //

dispelling the myth of our value being contingent on external accomplishments

We find our worth in God’s love for us

theme 2:

you belong //

dispelling the myth of the approval of others dictating our being seen

We belong to God’s family

theme 3:

you are beloved //

dispelling the myth of our lovability being contingent on how others treat us

We are unconditionally loved by God

theme 4:

you are believing //

dispelling the myth of being unseen or unsuccessful except by the world’s standards

We find ourselves in our faith in God

theme 5:

you are becoming //

dispelling the myth that your success comes from the world’s view of you

God asks you to follow His plan for your life to become the saint He’s desiring you to be

Dedicate this new year in 2022 to our Lord, to learning more of who you are in Him.

This book fell in my lap at just the right time. At a time when life is feeling a bit swirly, this book helped re-anchor me in God. I needed to reminded of who I am in HIM, not in the world, and why I'll only ever truly be happy when in relationship with Him. This is the spiritual jumpstart we need!


A book of real stories from real women, Made New lets me believe there is healing for my story, too.


I love the art, the essays, and the questions. Mostly I just love that I have something to read every week to keep me plugged into prayer.


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This devotional will draw you into relationship with a God who is loving, mighty, and committed to your flourishing, a God who advocates for you, a God who delights when you come to Him.

The writers of Made New are Nell O’Leary, Brittany Calavitta, Leana Bowler, Jenna Guizar, and Liz Kelly.

Nell O’Leary is the Managing Editor for Blessed is She, an attorney turned writer, speaker, and editor while tending to her husband and five kiddos. She also facilitates our community groups as she loves helping women find sisterhood. Her undergrad is in English from University of Minnesota and her J.D. from Ave Maria School of Law. Notably, she can down a hot cocoa in two seconds. 

Brittany Calavitta is an enthusiastic advocate for a good book, strong coffee, and a hopeful heart. After battling years of infertility, she and her husband welcomed their first child on September 11, 2016. While balancing time between life with a preschooler and a husband who travels for ministry, Brittany dances professionally all over Southern California where her family currently resides. Find out more about her here.

Leana Bowler is a wife and mother of five little ones. She is a Holy Rosary enthusiast with deep devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Her love for the message of Divine Mercy led her to become a Marian Missionary of Divine Mercy. She enjoys the miracles of family life, strong coffee, and encountering others on this journey to sainthood.

Jenna Guizar is a wife and mama in sunny Arizona. She loves spending time with her husband, her daughters, and their son. After falling in love with the Lord through deep, faithful friends who prayed and spoke hope into her life, Blessed is She became her mission ground to help women fall more in love with the Lord and into deeper friendships with one another.

Liz Kelly is a jazz singer who met Jesus in late-night Adoration. An award-winning author of nine books, including Jesus Approaches and Love Like a Saint, she holds advanced degrees in creative writing and Catholic studies. She is trained as a spiritual director and leads retreats with a particular focus on helping women to flourish in their faith. Find out more about her here.

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It's time to find our identity in Him.

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