He Is Waiting

I knelt with my two girls in Mass today and just breathed in the love. It was at the tail end of the Liturgy of the Eucharist and we had gotten back to our pew and taken to our knees. Having arrived a little late we took up a pew in the back and were without padded kneelers. The temperatures in Arizona have begun to climb and so have our hem lengths, leaving our knees bare to the hard carpet in the sanctuary. One on either side, their small frames pressed into my sides and I pulled them closer in the quiet of the moment saying a prayer of gratitude for them and for the peace that God provides in those minutes.

I converted to the faith almost ten years ago and the peace and joy that have come since that conversion is hard to describe.  In the unknowable path of my life, I now have a trust that God will make known to me what He desires me to know. I accept what He gives and follow His will. He guides my path. I couldn’t fathom this joy in the Eucharist. I come to Mass weary, frazzled, and rarely on time, and I sit and breathe in this joy. I experience the sacrifice of the Mass, listen to the Scriptures, and chant prayers in this joy.

Reading today’s Gospel the two women, Saint Mary Magdalene and the Other Mary, arrived at the tomb in a state of shared sorrow but left with a shared joy. Jesus gave them not only instructions but hope. Christ filled them with joy and made known to them their path.

You have made known to me the paths of life;

you will fill me with joy in your presence.

I attended Eucharistic Adoration for the first time when I was taking RCIA classes. The real presence of Christ in the Eucharist was my only real hang up to conversion, but I went anyway. I prayed for Christ to speak to me and He made His presence known. In this simple reality, I found my peace.

He is there waiting for us all.

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When was the last time you attended Eucharistic Adoration? His very real presence is waiting for you, to fill you with joy and the make your path known. Let Him turn your sorrow into joy and fill your heart with peace.

MaryRuth Hackett is a full-time wife and mother doing her best to teach her four children to love God and country. You can find out more about her here

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