Advent with Blessed is She

This Advent, let's worship the King.

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The Devotional

Advent 2021

As we celebrate His first coming in humility and anticipate His second coming in glory, may our hearts grow ever fonder as He remains with us through the Eucharistic Mystery with supreme and indescribable love.

– Father Mark-Mary, CFR

We are all made for worship.

Let’s allow ourselves to be captivated by the story of the characters at the Manger.

Let us be drawn into their stories, reluctantly or joyfully seeing ourselves in their journey to the manger to worship the King of Kings.

Why Blessed is She Devotionals?

What the sisterhood has to say:


The BIS devotional year after year is the perfect guide to Advent. The witnesses are moving, the questions are thought provoking and help deepen your faith, and the theology is excellent. The design and editing team does very well too, it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read and write. The team does a wonderful job in creating this for the community.

// Kathleen

This is my second Advent study with Blessed is She and I continue to find renewal and personal inspiration through the format. The stories are personal, touching and relevant to suffering on earth. The message through scripture and the way each and every word builds on the next sets theses studies apart in that they are powerfully transformative in a short series. What appears at first simple, is subtly impactful within the spirit of the unfolding. Let your anticipation of the rebirth of Jesus this Advent blend with this study!

// Sheryl

Let us worship as one

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