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This Saturday, at the Easter Vigil, men, women, and children across the world will be brought into the Catholic Church. People will be baptized and confirmed, they’ll receive Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time, and even marriages will be blessed in the Church. What a night to rejoice with our brothers and sisters in the salvation found in the Resurrected Christ and His Church!

Our Blessed is She Sisters Becoming Catholic

There are many women in our Blessed is She community who will be among those initiated in the Church this Easter, and we are so thrilled for them! We asked those candidates and catechumens in our community to share a bit about what has drawn them to the Church. Their answers serve as both inspiration and worthy reminders of our own mission as Catholics.

Why I’m Becoming Catholic

“I’m coming into the Church at the Easter Vigil! I’m becoming Catholic because I’ve been searching for years for the Truth, and I kept (reluctantly) coming back to Catholicism. I was drawn to Mary, especially after I had my son 4 years ago. Right before Lent last year, I decided to pray the Rosary daily and see what happens. Well, I started going to Church the Sunday after last Easter and never stopped. With encouragement from friends, I joined RCIA in the fall, and now I can’t wait until I can receive Communion at Easter!” -Jenn C.

“I’m coming into the Church this year because God has led me to it my whole life. It feels like home. I can never get enough of Mass, Adoration, and praying the Rosary. I’m in love with the richness of the Faith.” -Brittany W.

“Everything I didnt understand about being a Christian makes sense now. There is so much depth to the Catholic Faith. With every step closer, I feel nothing but complete peace with my life. I’ve never been so happy, and everyone in my life can see the joy radiating from me.” -Natasha K.

“At first, I was converting to Catholicism for marriage purposes. After spending Monday nights in RCIA, I’m converting for not only myself but for my relationship with God.” -Cynthia V.

“I wasn’t raised with any particular religion in my life but I believed in God always (my parents were baptized Baptist and have since converted to Catholicism). Fast forward to college where I attended in Rome IT and I became exposed to Catholicism everywhere I went and studied. Fast forward to life after graduation where I met my husband and started a family. My husband is Catholic and we agreed to baptize our children in the Catholic Faith. Last summer, we lost our 3rd baby (baby boy) after five days of life. A month later, while working through my grief and pouring my heart out to God and Mama Mary, I asked my husband if we could do RCIA together in September (he needs to complete his Sacraments) because it is what our Son and God and would want. Plus, I desperately want to see my baby boy again. We enrolled and our lives have drastically changed since starting this journey. God has been working on me and calling me home my whole life. Our small BIS group has been such a blessing to my life and these ladies and the Blessed is She community has educated and supported me in more ways than I can count.” -Ashley A.

“When I was nine years old and first went to St. Patrick’s in NYC, I wanted to be Catholic. It’s been a long journey and almost 30 years. At first, I went to the Episcopal church. It was the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and a devotion to Mary that pushed me into RCIA.” -Kelley A.

“It was honestly just a pull, well more of a literal kick in the butt. I was thinking about it for a while (I was baptized Catholic, but I never had any other Sacraments). But I was always terrified to go to Mass because I had a perception of Catholics being a better person than I was at the time. It was the middle of Lent last year and I got this huge push to go to Mass. I asked God to show me a sign, to tell me what to do. Right after that, a very deep urge to go to Mass the next day occurred. It was a couple of weeks before Palm Sunday. The homily was the defining point for me. Then I jumped in full force and I have met the most amazing people I know through Church, and I love them with my entire heart. These first people were the people that validated my path, and I am here now.” -Amber H.

“I had been attending Mass with my boyfriend for about a year. I enjoyed Mass, but didn’t feel compelled to convert and didn’t mind missing the Eucharist. But one day, as he went up for communion and I stayed in my seat as usual, I just became overwhelmed with sadness and started crying. I suddenly knew I was missing out on something amazing and decided I would enroll in the next RCIA.” -Kristin B.

“I was drawn to the Catholic Faith by Jesus in the Eucharist. Communion in the Protestant faith had become so under pronounced and wasn’t taught or given the importance Christ gave it. I am anxiously awaiting my First Communion in the Catholic Faith, knowing I have the true Christ Jesus in me.” -Elizabeth P.

“When I was young, my father led me to believe that Christianity was filled with damnation and hate. I was abused both physically and mentally and subsequently loathed all Christian belief. Once in high school, I was called to the Faith and had a slow journey towards the Catholic Church. Now in college, my supportive best friend called me to learn more about Catholicism and I experienced my very first Latin High Mass. I was instantly drawn to the sacredness, sacrifice, and reverence of the Latin Mass. Since then I have devoted myself to RCIA classes, reading daily Scripture, memorizing prayers, and doing all I can to be a faithful Catholic.” -Meghan R.

Welcome Home, Sisters!

Sisters, we are praying for you on this night and beyond. We are so happy for you. Congratulations! Thanks be to God for the good things He has done and will continue to do in your hearts and lives.

Friends, let’s celebrate our sisters who are joining the Church! Send them your love and prayers in the comments!

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Compiled by Olivia Spears.

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