What’s Next After Advent and Lent?

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If you have enjoyed walking through Lent or Advent with the thousands of other women doing the Blessed is She liturgical journals, you may be wondering what’s next. How can you keep your momentum going? How can you stay connected to Our Lord in Scripture, to the truths taught by the Church in the Catechism, and to your sisters in Christ?

Of course, first and foremost, continue to encounter Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament by going to Mass as often as you can, visiting Him in the Adoration chapel, and receiving His forgiveness and grace in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

What’s Next for You

And in your day-to-day? Here are the resources we have made here at Blessed is She for you to continue journeying in your life of faith.

Daily Devotions via Email

Are you already a subscriber to our free daily devotion emails? They’re a simply way to read the Mass readings for the day along with a brief reflection by one of our forty writers. It’s a great opportunity to pray alongside your sisters in Christ.

Regional Facebook Groups

Our Facebook groups are thousands of women strong, meeting for the purpose of praying for each other and encouraging one another on our Catholic journey. Find your region and ask to join today!

Blessed Brunches

Find Catholic women friends near you geographically! Sign up to host a potluck Blessed Brunch and we do the work of finding the friends for you. It only takes a few clicks. Then, it’s as simple as opening your front door and making a pot of coffee. Our hostess guide does the rest of the work for you!

Blessed Conversations

These no-prep, no-homework studies are designed for groups of 2 or 200 women. One set is on the Catechism and another on the Rosary. They are doable in under an hour with selections from Scripture, Catechism, a reflection, reflection questions, and discussion questions. Join our leader Facebook group to learn more on how to arrange a group.

Gift of You Series

This seven-video series with Nell O’Leary guides you through developing the gift that you are, learning about Church teaching on the “gift of self,” making friends with Saints and Church fathers along the way, and being equipped to give of yourself more completely to your community.

Blessed is She Blog

The Blessed is She blog publishes several posts each week on any and all topics that pertain to being a modern Catholic women. Hear from different voices and perspectives on everything from living faithfully when your spouse isn’t Catholic to book and movie reviews through the lens of Catholicism.

Teachable Tuesdays

Every Tuesday, we go live on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for a community Bible study. Beth Davis shares whatever God is teaching her in prayer and His Word that week. The whole goal for us is to have a teachable heart, to be attentive the the ways God is working and speaking, and to learn and grow in the ways God is teaching. On Instagram, we stick around for a Q&A with the community to chat and pray together!

Regional Retreats

The regional retreats are a chance to encounter Jesus and connect with the larger BIS community. The day-and-a-half retreats are a blend of talks, worship, Sacraments, individual prayer, and small group conversation. The retreats span from college students to grandmothers—seriously! All ages and stages of life are represented. The food is delicious, the space is beautiful, the swag is sweet, and the company is life-giving. The whole experience is encouraging and transformative!

Have you experienced any of these resources or ways to connect? Let us know which ones in the comments!

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