What Does Obedience Look Like to You?

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Seasons.  We go through so many different seasons in our lives, don’t we?  And every season teaches us something.  Right now my family is in a very crazy season.

Recently, we packed our things, sold our house, resigned from our jobs, sold a car, left our family, friends, and incredible community in Arizona and moved to Florida: the Land of humidity, mosquitos, and ‘gators (apparently they’re real and they will eat your children if you are not vigilant, so the locals tell me.).

Oh, and did I mention I’m seven and a half months pregnant with baby number 3?  Why did we do all this?  To start a movement, based on a product that has the potential to change the world by radically altering how we grow food, a movement that the Lord has called us to be a part of.  What?  I still can’t believe that God is calling me and my family to this, little, small, insignificant us… every day, in every moment I’m just trying to say, “Yes”.

This new season has been about understanding what it means to be obedient.  Obedience is a funny thing isn’t it?  I relish the idea of obedience (especially when it comes to my kids) and I completely despise it at the same time.  How is that possible?  How can you love and hate something at the same time?  When it comes to being obedient to God’s will, we can love and hate it because it’s scary, it’s risky, there’s a lot of what if’s, but there’s a lot of potential.  What will God do with my life if I let him lead the way?

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Even though this is a nutty time for our family, something incredible is happening with us – we are learning to trust God in new ways – to trust Him as a Good Father.

We had no idea what to expect when we landed at the Tampa airport.  We hadn’t made any visits before we left Arizona, we were just going to trust.  In many ways things have been even better than we expected.  And saying yes to this move and this new company hasn’t been as scary as I thought it was going to be.  Don’t get me wrong- it’s still terrifying, but we know the Lord is behind us, moving us forward and leading the way.

Sisters, we can trust that God is working in our lives and that He is a Good Father that has a plan.  I’d love to share with you this new mission that God has put in front of us – it just might change the world.

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Have you ever taken a leap of faith? How so?

Audra Le is a daughter, wife, mother, and sister, raising babies and working with her husband to change the world one home garden at a time. 

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