Weekly Wallpaper // 92

One of my favorite things about being Catholic is that we get to celebrate Christmas for so much longer than the secular world. It has been such a joy this weekend to see how everyone is celebrating the Epiphany on Instagram.

Today during the homily, my priest talked about how open the kings were to not only see the star, but to follow it. That everyone probably saw the star, but only those three kings were open enough to see God in it. He also spoke of the high priests who knew that Jesus was born, but were indifferent and didn’t go see for themselves this baby who was to be the successor to the throne of David. How often am I like them? Indifferent and maybe “too busy.” I pray that this year, that this week, that today, I might be like the three kings who were open enough to feel the pull of God present on the Earth. And I pray that you might be, too.

This week Tara of Frame Worthy Designs made this wallpaper that you can download for free, below!

Phone wallpaper

Desktop wallpaper

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