Weekly Wallpaper // 89

Advent is here. Honestly, it feels like the preparation for Advent has been long over here. We were, for the first time, ahead of the game in writing and designing this year’s journal. We have so many women praying together this Advent. As the world swirls by, frantic to prepare for Christmas, all of us, together, sit by the manger in the morning.

We wanted to give you something for your tech devices – whether it’s your mother in law calling for the fifth time, your phone calendar dinging that you have another final in 2 hours, your late night scrolls on Amazon getting your loved ones gifts – that you would pause and see this wallpaper and remember Who we are preparing for. That it might remind you to take a breather.

When the idea of flowers overflowing the manger came into my head – I was thinking about how it is really from this Baby that my life blossoms. In the dead of winter, my soul rejoices and blooms because of that Babe born in the manger.

So to be reminded of this daily – grab this free download below with the words of Elizabeth Foss: “Be overwhelmed by a huge God who loves you intimately.” And if you didn’t get a change to buy the journal, you can still download a digital version and join us!



Phone wallpaper

Desktop wallpaper

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