Weekly Wallpaper // 88

Who doesn’t love a fresh wallpaper on a Wednesday. It sure feels like the weekend as we all quickly prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I for one, am trying to get all my work done before I’m supposed to be in the car for a road trip to my parents’ house in… five minutes. (LOL)

This wallpaper by Katrina of Hatch Prints comes from the readings of Sunday’s Mass – and luckily is very relevant for our whole week – especially as we step into gratefulness tomorrow. (Have you seen any of our videos on our FB page about what we are all grateful for? I made one yesterday!) You can also tag #BISgrateful on social media to connect with others cultivating gratitude in their lives.

One thing we are SUPER grateful for is that we SOLD OUT of our entire inventory for our Advent journals, prints and Jesse Tree cards. The good news is that I just uploaded digital versions of the print and journal so if you *forgot* to order before we sold out, you can now still participate in this time of prayer and preparation of Advent season. You can find them here.

And below you can download this wallpaper for your devices for free!

We are so grateful for you.

Phone wallpaper

Desktop wallpaper

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