Weekly Wallpaper // 26


Today’s weekly wallpaper was hand painted by Tara of Frameworthy Designs. She chose the simple line that Jesus groaned in the gospel today, Mark 7:34,

Ephphatha!”— that is, “Be opened!”

First Jesus takes the deaf man to a spot alone. He looks to heaven and he says, “be opened.” Jesus looks to heaven. So many times in my own life I pray and just look to myself. I think the result will come from my own doing, even though, I am sort of asking God to take care of it.

But God says, “be opened.” In our daily lives, we must be open to his heavenly work. To the miracles that he can perform in our lives and in that openness we must look to heaven.

You can put this reminder on your phone or desktop by downloading them below. You can also purchase the design “ready to print” in our shop, which helps support our ministry.

Phone wallpaper

Desktop wallpaper

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