#BISLent // Weekly Lenten Link-Up 4


We offer a place to come together as a community and document how this Lent is going.

Every week, we will open up a link-up for your blog posts, your instagram posts, your thoughts to share with each other as sisters.

We will offer a prompt that goes with our On the Way: Lenten Workbook in these to get your mind thinking.

This is an open link-up to your progress in faith and your personal prayer life this Lent, so this is YOURS to be creative with in terms of your blog posts or instagram posts.

Pray on this:

There’s something about Holy Thursday that completely saturates my heart with pangs of sorrow, and I concede to it. I concede to it with bulky tears in my eyes and an ache in my heart . . . each and every year. It’s the palpable realization of the darkness that is to come that does me in. So, just like the women on the side of the road, I weep for the light.

It is quite beautiful, really. Because it is not the light we should be weeping for—it’s the darkness. For darkness begets more darkness, and only light will penetrate it. So, dear sisters, may we weep for those stuck in the darkness of their sins, and may we weep for the sins we, ourselves, harbor. May we pray and trust and reach . . . for light, for hope, for Him.

written by Brittany Calavitta

Or contemplate this verse this week:

Look to him and be radiant, and your faces may not blush for shame. Psalm 34:6

How is your Lent going, sister? Share with us below.

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