This Year I Will Delight

This all started with an idea I had, about how I could be really intentional about this year. I kept coming back to wanting to straighten my priorities, to listen to what the Lord wanted for me this year, especially in terms of my vocation.

So on Periscope, you ladies helped me word this sentence for a campaign of sorts. You brilliant ladies came up with this:

This year I will delight in being a ________.

And so I ran with it. Starting on Instagram, I took a picture of what my word was and invited the rest of you do to the same, if you wanted.

An update + a g i v e a w a y ?? I want to focus this year on an aspect of my life that I want to / need to work on. There have been too many times that I’ve pushed aside important pieces of my life and vocation for other things that I seem to far more “desire.” And I’m wondering if you’ve ever experienced this, too? This give and take of one passion over another, of one evil over a good, this “balancing act” that seems to do everything but set me in balance. So, this year, I’ve decided to choose delight. I’ve decided to choose something I know the Lord is calling me to be better at, to try harder at, to give more of myself to. And what is that, for you? Is it being an artist? Is it being a sister? Is it being a friend? Is it being a writer? Is it being a leader? Is it being a mother? What is it that the Lord has put in your life, and you’ve yet to delight in that area? What is it that the Lord has set around you that you have at times neglected? What is it that YOU choose to delight in, this year? Here’s what I ask of you: Write down that one word. Write down the word that finishes this sentence: This year I will delight in being a ___________. Take a picture of your word, and let that word resonate in the barrels of your soul, that you may delight *especially* in that aspect of your life. That you flourish there, that you blossom there, that you grow, cultivate, and b e c o m e there. Once you write down your word + snap a picture, either post it on Instagram, tagging #BISdelight OR email it to [email protected] Every person who does this is entered to win a #BISLent bundle (the workbook + the sold-out Station of the Cross cards). *Your picture may appear in a short compilation video of responses.

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And here are YOUR responses, one by one.

Thank you, sisters. Thank you for being with me on this journey to becoming more myself, every single day.

The song in the video is by Ike Ndolo, who is our worship leader for the Blessed is She retreat.

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