This Moment Matters

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I know what it’s like to go through seasons in the Church year and end with, “How are we already HERE?! What have I been doing the past few months? Where am I in my relationship with the Lord?”

I know what it’s like to finish a season and think about all the things I could’ve done differently.

I know what it’s like to be in the midst of suffering and pain… and not have a way to get past the darkest days.

I know what it’s like to be in a season of bliss — and not knowing  why I am on the receiving end of such goodness.

I’ve been through the hills and valleys of faith-filled life. Because that’s just what this life is full of: FAITH. Through the cruddy and mucky days, through the days where the wind blows through your hair and your invincibility tickles your skin, through the mundane, difficult hours that d r a g  o n .

I know you’ve been there, too. Each day and the ones in-between the good and the bad. And I know what it’s like to look back and think, “Where was the Lord in all of that?”

I want to fix that for you and me this season — so I introduce to you our 2015 Lenten Journal: Only One Thing. It will be your help these days, it will guide you through this Church season to grow deeper in relationship with Him who walks with you through every single doubt, every single moment of worship, and every single thing in between.

This moment matters.

This season matters.

This journey matters.

Because what matters most?

Is your relationship with Him.

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