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dark of night

Is there anything more beautiful than shimmering fresh snow on a sunny morning? I thought to myself.

My next thought fast-forwards to Spring and an amazing thing I learned about gardening:

Did you know most plant growth takes place in the dark?

Plants spend daylight hours soaking in the radiation of the sun and its power, but it is during the dark of night when that power erupts and causes growth.

Now – whether you’re a gardener or not – re-read those few sentences above with The Son in mind. Think of His Radiance and Power available for our growth in those dark moments of life.

Pretty darn cool how God works — if we let Him.

For me, it’s often an act of will to not hop on that Pity Party Wagon of Pride that dangles a bogus sense of ease when life gets challenging. Thankfully, God is patient with me. Sooner or later, He lovingly knocks me off that wagon — sometimes face-first into the dirt!

After all, it is there I can best see and smell the thriving earth He created and be reminded what is available when I surrender to His radiation, to His power, to His will (not mine), while being enriched with the graces necessary for growth in the darkness.

I recently shared with a priest in the confessional that my goal in life is joyful surrender (and how often I fail at it). He, in persona Christi, lovingly tweaked my perspective: my goal is heaven, and joyful surrender is one means to get there.

What a difference the proper perspective can make! What a gift I received from Him!

Forgiveness and a new beginning. From darkness to light.

Ah, fresh-as-snow once again… Thank you, Jesus!

Susanne Kain lives in Michigan where she attempts to gracefully transition to a more contemplative life while being present for her husband, her dad of 93 years, and her emerging adult sons. Her goal is heaven, but she is often found wrestling with Joyful Surrender on the trails of life. She shares some of these submissions through Behold the Beauty of the Lord, a ministry offering inspirational photography and writing. Her low tech e-log may be requested at [email protected]

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