Stillness + Waiting

stillness + waiting

O blessed Jesus, give me stillness of soul in You. Let your mighty calmness reign in me.
Rule me, O King of Gentleness, King of Peace. Amen.

-St. John of the Cross, Prayer of Peace


Learn to abide with attention in loving waiting upon God in a state of quiet. Contemplation is nothing else but a secret, peaceful, and loving infusion of God, which, if admitted, will set the soul on fire with the Spirit of love.

St. John of the Cross


For musical inspiration for your restful Sunday, listen to our BIS Rests playlist.

I recommend praying with “Be Still My Soul” by Page CXVI.

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Curated by Mwamba Bowa. She was born and raised in Zambia. She moved to the United States after high school and is currently a Master’s Candidate at the University of Tennessee. She loves Jesus, books, and coffee shops.

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