Sisters Speak in the #BISsisterhood

Let’s get to know each other a bit more, as sisters in Christ.

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Gina Fensterer is a wife, daughter, mother, friend, homeschooling mama, Colorado native. Documenting life through photography and blogging at Someday Saints lets her share about thoughts about life, homeschool, faith, and save some memories for her family. She has 5 kids, a hubby, and some random pets in the care of her kids.

What do you find yourself continually praying for?

I am non-stop praying for the grace to get through each moment. Let’s face it, being a mom of any number of children can be grueling! I’m always asking (begging!) for God to fill me up to overflowing so that His love will just spill over to my children.

How does Christ call you to serve – is it prayer/contemplation/acts of service, etc.?

St. Frances of Rome said, “A married woman must, when called upon, quit her devotions to God at the altar to find him in her household affairs.” The service to my family in household affairs is most definitely where I am called.



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