10 Ways the Selah Journal Can Deepen Your Prayer Life

blessed is she selah journal

The Blessed is She Selah Journal is here! “Selah” means to pause, to think of that. Intended to be a companion to the daily devotions, this reflection journal offers women the space to process and apply the Word of God to their own lives. It’s beautifully designed with hand-lettered Scripture passages throughout. The journal is an ideal size for carrying in your purse or briefcase, making praying and meditating upon Scripture even easier to weave into your daily life. The best part is the the journal gives you the freedom to pray and reflect according to your own preferences and style and how the Holy Spirit moves you. Here are some ways the Selah journal can help you deepen your prayer life.

The Selah Journal Gives You the Space to…

1. Write your own daily reflection

Once you read the daily Mass readings, there is room in the Selah journal to write your own reflections on the Scripture passages. It’s also wonderful for lectio divina reflection.

2. Respond to the daily devotional

Did the day’s reflection on the Mass readings strike you? Journal what touched you, what made you think, or how you plan to implement the call.

3. Reflect on the feast day

Is it a special feast day within the Church or a meaningful feast day to you? Do you find the saint of the day intriguing? Take some time to journal about the feast day, what it represents, and how the grace from the day can apply to your particular life.

4. Write the Scriptures

One of my favorite ways to use the Selah journal is to actually write out the Mass readings. Sometimes I choose an entire reading, sometimes just a verse or two. Writing Scripture engages a different part of our brains and we are able to recall and understand it better.

5. Examine the readings

Perhaps, as you were reading the daily Scripture or devotional, you came across a word, location, or name you didn’t know before. Maybe the devotion taught you something new theologically about the context of the reading. You can use the pages of the Selah journal to write down your Google findings or to make a note about what you learned.

6. Make your art your prayer

Many people process best through drawing. Use the pages of the Selah journal to hand letter a certain passage, to illustrate the Gospel story, or to paint how the Scripture moves your heart.

7. Offer your heart to the Lord

Use the Selah journal as your love letter to God. Fill the pages with your thoughts, concerns, worries, joys, struggles, and desires. It can serve as a true journal as you journey with the Lord throughout His life in the Scripture and throughout His life in you.

8. Remember how God is working in your life

The Selah journal is a great place to write down memories, answered prayers, or milestones in your life of faith. Years from now, you can look back and remember that on such-and-such day, the Lord let His presence in your life be known in a major way. Think of it like a spiritual scrapbook!

9. Count your blessings

One of my favorite features of the Selah journal is the area dedicated to thanksgiving. Scientifically, expressing gratitude makes us happier. Spiritually, it makes us happier, too. On hard days, when I feel like nothing is going right, the gratitude section calls me to truly examine my life and name the ways I’ve been abundantly blessed. It helps me choose gratitude over discontentment.

10. Offer your petitions

Every day, there is a place in the journal for intentions. I like to write down my own petitions, but especially the intentions that have been entrusted to me by others. It helps me remember my promise to pray for them and gives me the chance to deeply intercede on their behalf.

Grab Your Selah Journal Here

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Do you like to journal? What’s your journaling style?

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