Satisfied + Redoubled


To consider God equally good in things that are petty and ordinary as in those that are great and uncommon is to have a faith that is not ordinary, but great and extraordinary.

To be satisfied with the present moment is to delight in, and to adore the divine will in all that has to be done or suffered in all that succession events that fill, as they pass, each present moment. Those souls that have this disposition adore God with redoubled love and respect in each consecutive humiliating condition; nothing can hide Him from the piercing eye of faith.

-Jean-Perre de Caussade, The Sacrament of the Present Moment


Our task is to live holy the present moment.

Saint Gianna Molla


For musical inspiration for your restful Sunday, listen to our BIS Rests playlist.

I recommend praying with “Trust In You” and “I Am Yours” by Lauren Daigle.

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