More Than A Really Long Bus Trip

I have been a youth minister for almost nine years. I’ve made my share of mistakes along the way and learned a lot. One of my favorite things is taking of groups of teens to conferences, retreats, or pilgrimages. I have become a professional when it comes to really long bus rides with groups of lively, energetic teenagers. Between the bus stops for late night McDonald’s and little sleep, they hold for me some of the dearest memories and ministry opportunities.

I have taken groups of teens to the March for Life six times now.

When I have led groups we usually build in a day or two for some sight seeing in the city and do all the tourist-y things. One thing I always build into our plans is to visit the Holocaust museum.  I think the connection of the Holocaust to the scourge of abortion is a powerful image.  We all know what the Holocaust represents and means. It was the intentional destruction and murder of a whole population of people. A particular group(s) were deemed sub-human, were told they were less than. These people had no rights and no voice.

Today many Holocausts are going on. The Holocaust of refugees. The Holocaust of women and children trafficked and sold into sexual slavery. The Holocaust of the death penalty. And especially we know the Holocaust of unborn children sadly continues.  So many people in our world are treated as sub-human. And the unborn are still a population treated less than.

The annual March for Life is more than a really long bus trip.

It represents the desire of our generation that seeks a to create a world where all God’s people have a voice and are treated with dignity. It reminds us of all the hard work, prayer, and fasting that lies ahead of us.  It reminds us that all human life has worth, dignity, and value. Our common humanity calls us to work to give others that with which we have been blessed with.

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There is much hard work ahead of us.

As the pro-life generation, may we continue the work that will respect all human life, all God’s people. May we be old and courageous to give ourselves to the causes that honor our common humanity. And whether you go to the March for Life one or five times, may we remember that it is so much more than a long bus trip.

Patty is a runner, big dreamer, writer, and youth minister ordinaire. She loves all things John Wayne, a tasty mimosa, and is learning to find grace in all things. Find her blogging it all at A Modern Grace.

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