Praying with Mary through May: The Pondering of Our Lady

Throughout the month of May, we will be sharing posts focused on journeying alongside the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Pondering. What does it mean to ponder? The definition in the Merriam Webster dictionary describes “pondering” as: to think or consider especially quietly, soberly, and deeply.

After the birth of Jesus we are told in the book of Luke that Mary “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19).

That verse has always captured my attention. I love imagining our Lady as she quietly, intensely, and directly ponders these things in her heart. I have prayed with this verse, trying to enter into that sense of Mary’s pondering. I imagine that for Our Lady, pondering was not just a one time experience, but rather, a posture of heart, a posture of prayer. It was the unpacking of God’s work in her life; marveling in the salvation of mankind.

We live in a culture that has stopped pondering. When we see a beautiful scene in nature, an art museum, or at an event, how many of us forget to take a moment to actually stop and look? To take the moment in deeply and let it ruminate in our heart? Most of the time we are whipping out our smart phones, frantic to capture a moment rather than letting it captivate us.

I experienced this in a very vivid way when I went to visit the Uffizi Gallery this past fall in Florence, Italy. I was amazed and rather disheartened to see how many people did not even stop to look at the glorious paintings and sculptures, instead they would snap a photo with their smart phone and hurriedly move on to the next one. They missed the brush strokes; the exquisite lighting; the indescribable power of beauty in front of them.

To ponder is to encounter beauty and truth and let it move our soul. It is taking the time to be silent and listen to the voice of God in the events of our daily life. It is to unpack our experiences and reflect on them through the lens of faith.

Let us ask our Lady, especially in this month of May, to teach us what it means to ponder the mysteries of Christ, that we too may experience these treasures and keep them ever closer in our heart.

Maria Koshute is a Librarian in Nashville, TN, who enjoys cooking, listening to live music, hiking, and sewing. She is passionate about her Catholic faith and seeing how God works in ordinary life.

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