Nashville BIS Retreat

Thank you to Nyssa Biszko for these beautiful photos!

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Testimonies from Nashville

Adoration and worship was amazing!!! Loved every second of it!! The talks were amazing and renewed my identity as a daughter of God! This weekend was much needed for my heart!!!

Thank you so much for this retreat! It came at such a needed time in my life. This past few months have been really tough for me as I experienced the sudden loss of my granddad, my uncle being diagnosed with cancer, and my third miscarriage. I cried more than I have in years at this retreat, and Jesus brought me so much healing and grace this weekend. I asked for Him to heal me from the cause of my miscarriages (a cause I don’t even know) during adoration, something I’ve never even thought about asking Him. God’s grace and love shine through each person that spoke at the retreat. Please have this every year!

The retreat was such a beautiful and well-executed event! Thank you so much for all the work that went into creating such a powerful and spiritually-nurturing time.

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