My Domestic Mission

noble endeavor

I am a missionary. Yet, I have never been on a mission.

I live out my mission each day in my home.

Missionary work calls us to give of ourselves to those in need. Some of the neediest ones I have right before me every day. My little ones require food, clean bodies, education, entertainment. They require my attention, my affection, my affirmation, my heart.

I nourish my baby’s body with sustenance that comes from my very being. I feed her tiny body that grows in leaps and bounds every day, a testament to all that God provides. I bathe her following one of those poo-splosions, so that she will not have to feel that disgusting mess on her body. I dance her slim fingers in between mine, helping her discover her own as she intently watches and feels the movement. I kiss her full cheeks until she grins so wide her eyes are merely slits on her precious face. I respond to her giggles, her squeals, looking her right in the eye, as she begs for my attention.

She can do none of these things on her own. She needs someone who will give her what she needs.

It is a noble endeavor to bring the Gospel to those in faraway lands, but there is ample opportunity to carry it to those closest to us. We carry it in our words, our deeds, our actions.

Children are so impressionable. They watch our every move. My daughter imitates the way I spin a spoon in the batter bowl. She runs the comb through her hair, mimicking the way I run it through mine. She learns to wait patiently while I finish reading that last paragraph, as I have waited patiently for her to flip through to the end of her book. She congratulates me on a job well done as I place her dinner in front of her, just as I tell her how proud I am of the tasks she accomplishes. She makes the sign of the Cross across her chest just as she’s watched mommy and daddy do before they pray over the family’s food each night. She repeats, “I’m sorry,” when she has done something wrong, just as I have done each time I have wronged her.

I bring Christ’s Gospel directly into my home as well. I regale my daughter with scenes from the Gospel stories, reading page after page from her children’s Bible. We sing songs telling of Jonah in the whale and that man who built the ark. We march the animals two-by-two into a wooden ark that has been scaled down to an appropriate size for our toy shelf. We color pictures that illustrate the lives of men and women who’ve lived out the Gospel message.

Sure, I would love to go on the adventure of an overseas mission trip, but my life does not allow for that at this time. Instead, I live out a domestic missionary adventure in my own home, caring for those Christ places before me in this season of my life.

Laurel Muff is a baker extraordinaire and an ex-runner, hoping to eliminate that ex. A lover of organization and creativity, you can read more about how she is {unsuccessfully} incorporating these into her life with her beloved husband and lovely daughters at her blog ‘Muff’in Dome.

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    Greta Bergmann
    May 5, 2015 at 11:03 pm

    I love this post. I feel like I have been on the verge of this understanding for a while now but it can be hard to grasp. I see friends going on amazing missions overseas and while I may yearn for a similar experience I realize that I have one right in my home. I am attending to the corporal works of mercy in my kitchen, laundry room, and bedrooms; feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. Even if its just my own little boys that I am attending to, someone has to do it and there is no one better than their own mother.

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    Stephen Muff
    May 7, 2015 at 11:49 am

    I certainly need a missionary when I come home from work after a long day (and commute), and Laurel does a great job!

    One correction, though. The author bio says, “A lover of organization and creativity, you can read more about how she is {unsuccessfully} incorporating these into her life”.

    The correction is that it should say “successfully”.

    She’s managing a house with two children, writing on multiple websites, keep track of finances, food, etc. Her organization has helped me survive.

    Her creativity is amazing – with all the projects she does with our daughters. Also, you should see her cooking! I’m having a hard time keeping the weight off. Here are some examples of her recipes:


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    May 23, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    ‘Sure, I would love to go on the adventure of an overseas mission trip, but my life does not allow for that at this time.”

    It’s interesting how we all look at our own circumstances, sort of looking at the “greener” grass on the other side. Not being married and not having children has given me the opportunity to do mission abroad…as wonderful as this has been I also hope for the blessing YOU have: for that domestic mission. Neither is better than the other–both are noble and heroic ways of serving the Lord. Wherever we are, let us be present and love others with all we have.

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