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Unique and unrepeatable, that’s you!

Maybe at some point along the way though, you’ve forgotten this. Or, it’s possible that some of us have never heard this about ourselves before.

Is There Anyone Like You?

If you have time today, get out those old baby photos of yourself. Have you seen a baby lately that looks just like you? Maybe close, but not exactly!

When you’re out about for coffee or lunch, really look around you. Do you see one person with the same exact mannerisms or facial expressions? Does anyone have your voice? Can they make those crazy sounds you can make?

You know this already, but you will find that not one person will look exactly like you, nor do they have the same voice, the same gifts and talents, not even the same intellectual capacity. If you look around you again tomorrow, you won’t find anyone who is just like you either. Truly, you are unique and unrepeatable!

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I want this message to be something we all know in the very depth of our being. More importantly, Christ and His Church desire you to know this so deeply about yourself that you can’t help share it with others! Join voices like the Sisters of Life, who are one of the loudest and most effective voices of this truth in the United States today. Cardinal Dolan even knows it!

You Have a Purpose!

The Sisters’ prayer is fueled by reverence and gratitude for the unique and unrepeatable gift of each human life made in the image and likeness of God.

At every opportunity, the Sisters of Life remind the people they encounter that they are unique and unrepeatable—each and every one of them. Never before and never again in the history of the world, will there be another you. You have a purpose!

The Sisters have many apostolates where they spread this message. Recently, the Sisters of Life published a children’s book titled Look Again, Thomas! to affirm this truth once more. The book exists to bring the message of the dignity of the human person to children and adults. It does this through colorful illustrations and simple language with a deep message that can’t be missed.

Look Again, Thomas!

This book is inspired by Angelo, a boy the Sisters of Life have been blessed to know. The main characters are two neighbors, Angelo, who has Down Syndrome, and Thomas.

Thomas would always pass Angelo when he would ride by his home on his bike. But he usually didn’t have time to stop.

Thomas thought there was something different about Angelo. He was always thinking and was too quiet.

One day though, Thomas and Angelo went on an adventure “to see what [they] can’t see.”

On their adventure together, Angelo showed Thomas how to always look at things one more time to really see what they truly are. The leaf may not be a leaf but a chameleon! The pond isn’t just water, but it’s full of colorful fish! Each snowflake isn’t the same, they’re all different!

Helping Us Look Again

Through Angelo, Thomas learns that God made each one of us different, special, and as His beloved treasures. Thomas comes to realize that to see someone as God sees them, you have to look inside the person and not just at their outer appearance. It’s on the inside that we see someone’s goodness!

I hope each one of us can be an Angelo to a Thomas; to teach others how to see properly in this life. May we never miss a moment to remind someone of their great worth.

Others will be different from you, but that’s okay. And, it’s okay—no, it’s beautiful—that you’re different too! God loved each one of us into existence as unique and unrepeatable persons. Not just on the inside but also on the outside. Spread the word!

Grow and Inspire

If you are looking for faith-filled and inspiring story for yourself, a bedtime read for your children, or a gift to your niece and nephew, Look Again, Thomas! is it!

Also, if you’re travelling to New York any time soon, be sure to look up the Sisters of Life! They offer amazing retreats throughout the year. You may find your Angelo there!

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Amanda Zurface resides in Pueblo, Colorado, where she serves as the Vice-Chancellor for the Diocese of Pueblo. She also serves as the Catholic Content Specialist for Covenant Eyes. Amanda holds a License and MA in Canon Law and a BA in Catholic Theology and Social Justice. She is the co-author of Equipped: Smart Catholic Parenting in a Sexualized CultureConfident: Helping Parents Navigate Online Exposure and Transformed by Beauty.

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