A Reflective Lenten Playlist

playlist for lent

Music. It’s an art form that never ceases to move me closer to the Heart of the Father. I’ve found that my faith life blossoms and grows with music. The instruments. The voice of the vocalist. The tone and pace of each musical beat. From the title of the song to the lyrics themselves. I am moved. I close my eyes and sit in the silence of the song and see His face. There we are, just Him and I. Together, dancing together.

Music During Lent

As we head into this season of Lent, I pray that the playlist below meets you exactly where you’re at in your prayer and faith life. I pray that you find the words you need in this little space to draw you into and nearer to Him. I pray that you take some time, whenever that may be, on this first day of Lent, to simply sit and be. That you, sweet sister, turn it up and lean into Him. That you recognize within these songs that you are not alone.

His love for you bleeds into your day to day. Nothing in your life goes unseen or unnoticed by His gaze. You are not alone on this Lenten journey as you begin to walk towards the Cross itself while carrying your own crosses. You are not alone. We are not alone.

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A Lenten Playlist for You

My prayer for each of us this Lenten season is that we truly dive into the journey He has for us in the next 40 days. That we truly dig deep into the hard things, the blessings, the easy things, and the joys of this life He’s given. Let’s spend time reflecting on our own dying to self so that we may rise again with new life. Let’s close our eyes, turn the music up, and simply be still with Him. For when we draw near to Him, He draws nearer to us. (James 4:8).

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Shalini Blubaugh is a Minnesota transplant living in Denver, Colorado with her sweet husband, Matt, their quite large GSD pup, Sully, and baby on the way. She is a health coach and loves pizza, because #balance. Some of her favorites include travel, re-connecting with old friends and making new ones, the ways in which God so beautifully brings all things full circle in His time, and a good, loud thunderstorm. Find out more about her here.

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    March 7, 2019 at 12:26 am

    Love this, thank you!

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    March 7, 2019 at 2:14 pm

    I just wanna say, YAY! I was looking for a playlist for my Lenten season. So YAYYYY and thank you!

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