Here, Too: The 2020 Lent Devotional for Catholic Women

lent devotional for catholic women

As we close the Advent and Christmas seasons, we enter a brief but beautiful moment of Ordinary Time. And then, in just a matter of weeks, our journey to the Cross will begin. We would love to walk the way of Lent with you.

Where Are You this Season?

The Blessed is She 2020 Lent Devotional for Catholic Women is here. It is called Here, Too: Where We Meet God.

It’s all about encountering God in the unexpected times and places of our lives: in the desert, at home, on the road, in a storm, up on the mountain, in the garden, at the tomb.

Where are you this season?

No matter if your heart is parched and dry, comforted, cold and frightened, seeking peace, or facing the darkness of loss, Jesus is here, too. This Lent, we will spend time reflecting on all the ways we encounter Christ in the ordinary moments of daily life.

The Inspiration Behind Here, Too

Scripture is filled with stories God meeting people right where they were: at home, on the road, in desert moments, or in the storms of suffering. So this Lent, we hope to journey through the different places of our lives where we have encountered God.

The seven writers of the Lent Devotional connect the stories of their lives to the stories of Scripture. We might not think of ourselves as meeting God face-to-face in the same way that people encountered Jesus in the Gospels, but the personal reflections that the writers share speak to how universal these experiences are in our lives: meeting God in our joys, sorrows, doubt, and questions.

Our faith reminds us that God’s presence never depends on our situation: God is with us everywhere and always, even when we can’t see it.

We hope that Here, Too reminds you that God is your companion on the journey—that no matter whether you feel close to God or wandering far away, God wants to find you and lead you back home, especially in this beautiful journey of Lent.

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What to Expect in the 2020 Lent Devotional for Catholic Women

Each week of Lent a writer will walk us through a particular place (literal and figurative) in which we meet God. Every day, we will spend some time with Scripture. We will hear from the writers about their own experienced encountering God in various life circumstances, we will reflect on questions (and journal about them if you like), and dive into the Gospels.

We will also lean into the Psalms. The Psalms have the whole range of human emotion—anger, delight, despair, fear, wonder—yet they are still the holy Word of God! We can find ourselves in their honesty and vulnerability.

Want to Join Us on the Road to the Cross and Resurrection?

Here, Too is now available for purchase, and we would love to pray through Lent with you. You can use this devotional in your small groups, with a friend, or on your own. We will be sharing our hearts and takeaways on social media throughout Lent using the hashtag #BISLent. We invite you to share with us that way, too!

The 2020 Lent Bundle

If you’d like some extra prayer support and encouragement this Lent, check out this year’s Lent Bundle. It includes Here, Too, a stretch and wrap Rosary bracelet made exclusively for our community, and a lightweight canvas tote (perfect for your Bible and Lent Devotional!).

We also have a Lent + Easter Bundle that includes Here, Too and Risen (our Easter devotional) at a discounted price.

Where We Meet God

Friends, we’re looking forward to journey alongside you this Lent. As we reflect on God’s omnipresence and everlasting love, may our eyes be opened to truly see that no matter where we are, He is here, too.

Do you have your Lent Devotional yet? What is your intention for this year’s Lent? Share with us in the comments below!

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