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This year’s Lent Journal, To the End, is a little different than journals in the past. It has the same heart, hue, and depthful sharing as years gone by. But the format this year particularly lends itself to sharing in a group as well as personal use. You’ve already read all about the details of our study here, but here’s the quick recap.

  • Seven attributes of Jesus’ sacrificial love examined, one by one, each week
  • One day of centering on the topic
  • Two days of Scripture reflection
  • Two days of reflective narratives
  • One day for an examination
  • Sundays for listening intently at Mass.

The journal has a simple and clean design. It’s linen bound and so beautiful.

How to Host a Lent Group

If you’ve always wanted to do something for Lent but never been able to, or started and not finished, this is your year, sister! We are here to help you along the way and assist you in finding and building up your women-tribe to grow in Christ together.


Ask your mom, sister, roommate, coworker, neighbor, or dear friend to do it together.

Check in with each other each week either over hot cocoa or just via text! See this as a chance not only to have an accountability partner, but also deepen a relationship by rooting it in our shared Faith.


Gather a group of friends from a particular season of life. Make it the thing that brings you together now that college has ended, you’re in a different office, new babies are off in pre-school, high schoolers have flown the coop.

Maybe you’re no longer getting together for the shared experiences you once had, but doing the book together with weekly check-ins gives you a new experience to share.

Zoom calls (free!) or google hangouts (also free!) are an easy video meeting. Or you can simply start a text thread!

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Does your small group of girlfriends already get together? Maybe it’s for Taco Tuesdays or Rosary Fridays, or even one of our Blessed Conversation studies.

Why not propose doing the book as a group? We can all grow in love together!

If you’re open to newcomers, sign up here so others in your area can hop in.

We have put together a hostess guide for you with specifics on how to help a group do the study together.

The key is to remember that you’re just providing the space and an open heart. The Holy Spirit will do the rest.

Small Groups Near You

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Nacogdoches, TX
Omaha, NE
Saint Paul, MN
Vidalia, GA

How to Host a Lent Gathering

Your group could also gather together for this year’s Lent Gathering, Remain. You can find all the information (including a hostess guide!) here.

Happy Lent, sisters! May this journey be a fruitful one for you and your life of love in God.

The thing about Blessed is She is that we want to help you grow in community and prayer. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!

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Nell O’Leary is a recovering lawyer turned blogger, speaker, and sewer of baby goods while tending to her husband and four kiddos in the great city of Saint Paul, Minnesota. She serves as Managing Editor for Blessed is She and can down a hot cocoa in no time flat. Find out more about her here.

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