A Great Light // The 2018 Advent Gathering

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Every year, in the midst of Advent, we as a sisterhood take pause for a one-day retreat together. Although we’re scattered throughout the entire world, we carve out time in our busy lives to come together, both in person and online, for the Advent Gathering.

A driving vision of Blessed is She has always been to help women build Catholic community in their lives, both online and, especially, in real life. The Advent Gathering gives us the space and permission to gather with other women in their local areas for a day of prayer, united with groups of other women throughout the world.

If the holiday season is already overwhelming you and you feel like Advent is going to fly by without your notice, consider hosting or attending the Advent Gathering.

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What is an Advent Gathering?

The Advent Gathering takes place live on a singular afternoon for a few hours. Everything is online, but there are printable resources for hostesses. There will be time for fellowship and food (if you so choose), a talk on this year’s theme, and a time for small group questions, discussion, and prayer.

What is this Year’s Theme?

The theme of this year’s Advent Gathering is A Great Light. It’s based off of Isaiah 9:1:

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.

As we prepare for the Christmas season, we anticipate the coming of the Light of the world, Jesus Christ.

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Who Can Attend the Advent Gathering?

Everyone! We encourage you to gather a group of women to virtually attend the Advent Gathering. It can be you and just one other girlfriend or it can be a group of 100 women. You can gather in someone’s home, at a coffee shop (bring headphones!), or at your parish hall.

There are no “rules” for numbers or location

Can I Watch it Alone?

Sure! While our hope is that this creates an opportunity to foster in-real-life community, if circumstances don’t allow, you can absolutely join us solo.

When is the Advent Gathering?

December 15th at 1 PM Eastern.

What if I Can’t Make it to the Live Gathering?

No worries, you can watch the replay at the same link any time. And you can have an actual gathering of women at another time to watch the replay, too!

I Want to Attend!

We’re so excited you’re joining us! All you need to do right now is sign up here.

I’d Like to Host. What Do I Need to Do?

You’re the best. Just sign up here and access your hostess guide here. Your hostess guide and follow up emails will have everything you need to prepare for the Advent Gathering.

And in terms of food or atmosphere, that is completely up to you! It can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like. You can offer something as easy and comforting as coffee, hot tea, and orange juice, or you can prepare a full lunch spread. Potlucks are also a fun way to go for the gathering! We encourage you to make the space feel welcoming for your friends, and that can be accomplished merely by your smile and open heart.

Will you be joining us for this year’s Advent Gathering? Feel free to share this post with your friends to get the ball rolling!

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