Ways to Find Community Within the Catholic Church

how to find a church community

The Catholic Church is big, diverse, and widespread. It is such a beautiful source of community! Community is different for everyone. It can be through one person with whom you have amazing conversations, or it can be a large group of people like during the Mass. It is not humanly possible to know everyone in the Catholic Church. That’s kind of a bummer, but also a comfort, that so many people exist in our larger Catholic community.

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Ways to Find and Foster Community Within the Church

Here are some ways to find and foster your own community within the community of Catholicism.

Blessed is She

Obviously, you are here. This community is a beautiful way to get to know like-minded women. Go to a Blessed Brunch or join a small group. Get to know other Catholic women. If you do find some other women you really get along with, foster those relationships. Invite them into your everyday life. Meet up for coffee, introduce them to your family, or sit by them at Mass.

Join a Ministry

In the Catholic Church, there are many different ways to get involved based on your gifts. This is the perfect way to find a community of people with similar interests. Join the liturgical choir, become a catechist, get involved in a youth group, or join another outreach ministry.


If your parish does not already have a ministry for volunteering, then start your own. Decide where you can best serve your area. Then spread the word. Chances are that if serving a certain population appeals to you, then it will appeal to others as well. This gives you a chance to meet people who have a similar heart for serving others. Get to know these people and maybe even make volunteering a regular part of your community.

Go to Breakfast after Mass

After Mass, invite others to meet somewhere for breakfast. This is a simple way to get to know others in your parish in a new setting. I love the idea of sipping on coffee, talking about the homily, and even diving into deeper conversations.

Have a Jam Session

Find someone who can play guitar or piano, print off some worship songs, and invite people to come sing along. Even if you are not musically gifted, this is an awesome way to pray together and enjoy some solid music.

Start or Join a Book Club

Choose a book that will foster your faith. Read on your own time and then come together to discuss. Let the book inspire you and then inspire each other!

Get Outside

One of the best ways to encounter God is by going out and appreciating His creations. Hike a mountain, go on a run, lay on the beach, or swim in a lake. Go somewhere quiet and peaceful. Point out the things that bring you joy and make you feel alive. Invite others into your favorite places to encounter God.

Go on a Mission Trip

Go through your Church, lead a youth mission trip or find a mission trip overseas. Expand your community by going to another community. Get out of your comfort zone. This is one of the best ways to meet and bond with others. You spend a week together with greasy hair and big t-shirts while often doing messy work and being your authentic self. You’ll be closer than you think at the end of a week like that!

Go on a Retreat

You can go to a BIS retreat, silent retreat, couple’s retreat, youth or young adult retreat, large Catholic conventions, or small parish retreats. You will likely meet people in a similar stage of life and/or faith.

Stay an Extra Ten Minutes after Mass

This is a simple way to spend some time talking to other people in your parish. It can just be a smile and a compliment or a deep conversation about something you realized in Mass. Talking to others is an easy way to create community within the community.

Reaching Out Within the Walls of Our Church

There are so many ways to create and foster a community in your life. Always remember that you are part of a large Catholic community. There is someone else out there going through a similar situation, struggling and thriving in ways that you are. Just be yourself, do things that inspire you and that you truly enjoy. You will find your people along the way!

How have you fostered Catholic community in your own life?

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Savanna Sigl is a 23-year-old registered nurse. She enjoys harmonizing worship songs, snuggling her kitten, hiking mountains, and pursuing creativity in every way possible. You can find out more about her here

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