Doing the Work that Matters

I want to remind you of something.


We, each one of us, is doing His work… whether it be serving our families, babies, husbands, mother, fathers or whether it be as a missionary in the fields caring for the forgotten or whether it be working in ministries within our churches to teach and educate others or whether it be just simply serving and caring for ourselves — we are doing His work: His holy, good, important work.

And we need to remember that. That we are doing work that is important. That we are doing work that matters.

So if we are just like this twig, cut off the branch of our chaotic lives and transformed into a new creation — HIS creation, HIS mission, HIS purpose — imagine the change that could happen.

If we stopped in the midst of the turmoil of every day living, and remembered our relationship with Him.

If we did that, if we did just that, and remembered how important this relationship is, then we can get back to doing the holy, good, important work in our lives with a true spirit of generosity, a true spirit of peace, a true spirit of renewal.

If we step away from the every day chaos of life, and we pause to remember…

We can move mountains.

We can change lives (even, most especially, most importantly, our own). We can shed light in the areas that otherwise felt dark. We can provide warmth where the cold held tight.

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We can become more ourselves, if we just pressed pause, and we remembered — that we are loved, that we are sought after, that we are here for a purpose.

Press pause and come on retreat.

You will walk away renewed, more alive, and more yourself.

You will walk away more prepared to serve others because of your renewal, because of your spirit, because of your strength, your courage, your faith.

Give yourself that gift.

Come receive beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, the garment of praise for mourning… all for His glory. (Isaiah 61:3)


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