Blessed is She Podcast: The Gathering Place Episode 13

In this episode, we have a frank conversation with Anna and Shannon of Eden Invitation, which is a ministry devoted to celebrating personal integration and promoting solidarity beyond the LGBT+ paradigm.

We are honored to have Anna and Shannon on to share their hearts for LGBT+ in the Church as well as how all of us as Catholic Christians walk alongside the people in our lives, no matter if we assume differences or not.

You are a gift. Thank you for your presence. We look forward to walking alongside you, learning from you, and growing with you.

As stated on this show, we keep reminding ourselves and each other to say over and over again, “You belong to me.” We belong to each other. So let’s go on a walk.

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    June 16, 2018 at 11:04 pm

    I want to thank you for touching on this topic. I am going to check out their podcast to hopefully find more answers. I LOVE LOVE LOVED Beth and Jenna’s questions to Anna and Shannon, but feel like none of them were answered. In particular, about the student in the front row! What was lacking in the teaching and what would you say in general? I feel like saying you would have to hear the question is too broad and doesn’t give us any direction as to what to say to young people. Are there any resources that would answer the following questions that they asked:

    1. How do you, as an LGBT person, feel included in the Church and how can we assist to make sure LGBT people feel invited?
    2. How DO you discern your vocation being told “what not to do” instead of “what to do”?
    3. (minute 7:25) People are crying out for love and acceptance and the Church says “NOPE – HERE are the rules” … no wonder people leave over this issue. “We have so much beauty in the Church” – how can we present this instead of just talking about presenting it – HOW do we do this? Which specific things in the Church can be directed towards this situation? (9:05) How do we proceed? This entire point was just brushed back into the original vocabulary talk – and the answer was avoided.
    4. How do you show love and support but point out the truth about the sin? (17:30) Another avoided question: How do you tell your LGBT friends that you want what is best for them, you want eternity for them – how do you tell them you are not okay with this sin? Answer: The same way I tell my friends who don’t do anything for the poor or the death penalty. That is very different, in my opinion. Example conversation: ” I love you and want eternity for you, and I just wanted you to know that I believe same-sex physicality is a sin.” can’t be compared to: “I love you and want eternity for you, and I just want you to volunteer more to help the poor.” Am I totally off on this? Does anyone have a real example of a conversation you can have? I think a conversation about someone volunteering more or that the death penalty is wrong is a billion times easier.

    I know that this was kind of scattered, but I wanted to get some thoughts out before I forgot. Sorry about that.

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