#BISLent // Weekly Lenten Link-Up 3


Every week, we will open up a link-up for your blog posts, your instagram posts, your thoughts to share with each other as sisters.

We will offer a prompt that goes with our On the Way: Lenten Workbook in these to get your mind thinking.

This is an open link-up to your progress in faith and your personal prayer life this Lent, so this is YOURS to be creative with in terms of your blog posts or instagram posts.


Imagine the women who are suffering directly from the darkness that our world is in today. Maybe the women suffering form the violence in the Middle East, maybe the women who stand on the street corners are night, maybe the women who desperately search each day for enough food for their children.

Connect yourself with them. You see, we are not alone in this. This week, lift up your sacrifices for all the women suffering from the darkness of the world. When something seems difficult, make it a prayer for them.

Lord, make me a woman of the Light.

Or contemplate this verse this week:

Bless the LORD, my soul; all my being, bless his holy name! Psalm 103:1

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