A Josemaría Escrivá-Inspired Dinner Party

One of my favorite things about summer is the gatherings with family and friends. I love having the people I care about the most sitting around a table laughing, talking, and enjoying good food.

In the spirit of joyful gatherings, I’ve put together a planning guide for a summer Spanish dinner in honor of Saint Josemaría Escrivá’s feast day.

Who is Saint Josemaría Escrivá? He is a Spanish Saint that wrote The Way and founded Opus Dei. You can read more about his life. There is A LOT to this saint so if you’re curious, definitely read up on him when you get the chance.

For Saint Josemaría Escrivá, much of his time on this earth was spent encouraging people to wholly and fully live out their faith in everything they do, in every stage of life. From that, I gathered inspiration for this dinner party.

As you plan and put this dinner together, keep your heart turned to the Lord. Pour love and care into every detail. This dinner should be an opportunity for you to grow in your faith in perhaps a way you never have before. Take this time to grow in Christian hospitality and building up the Kingdom of God with those around you.

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Aside from great company, here are some things to help you plan your summer Spanish Dinner Party.

Fun Glasses

If you’re like me, you can definitely hit up some thrift stores and find some really gorgeous vintage glasses. Or you can visit places like Home Goods or Marshalls.


For this dinner party I went with a bright red, yellow (for Spain!), and a sprinkle of purple. I used an assortment of vases but you could also use mason jars and allow your guests to take one home with them when the night is over. Decorations that double as party favors? Excellent.


Honestly any candles will do but I do suggest having lots in order to create the dreamy summer glow in the evening.


We’re going traditional with Spanish dishes like paella, gazpacho, or albondigas! Now, I have a Spanish cookbook from when I was in Spain for World Youth day but you can search Pinterest for some great Spanish recipes as well as spreads for before the big meal! These often include olives, tapas, and prosciutto.


Since it’s summer, it would be tough to go wrong with lemonade and iced tea. But don’t forget to also make a pitcher of sangria for your guests, you can find some great recipes . I also found three delicious Spanish wines for under $10! There’s a little something for everyone!

I found some quotes (The Way is a great resource for that!) from Saint Josemaría Escrivá for writing on a small chalkboard for the table or making small cards to put on each person’s plate. This party planning guide is simply suggestions, of course. You can put all kinds of personal touches on your get together in honor of this Saint.

“Great holiness consists in carrying out the little duties of each moment.”

“If God gives you the burden, God will give you the strength.”
“He came precisely to suffer death from us and for us, where can we hide from his mercy?”
“Lord I trust in you: your ordinary providence, your help each day is all I need.”

-Saint Josemaría Escrivá

Written by Susana Starbuck. Find out more about her here.

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