Beauty + Love

bis rests beauty + love

In the golden light of morning
I carefully imagined you to being.
I curated each color of you.
Every shade creating intricacy and depth.
Edges and bends harmonized to create the symphony of you,
My beauty,
My love,
You spend the day painting over, editing, draping.
As if concerned my hand was unsure or unsteady.
Yet, you adore the flowers of the field.
Bulbous, soft, fragrant, inviting.
My beauty,
My love,
Do you not know you shine more vibrant than they?

You look on your sisters with judgment, envy, even contempt.
Each of you, daughters, are designed to hold, be held, be beheld
In beauty,
In love.
You far surpass mere decoration.
I made you to inspire, to lead, to receive, to give generously.
With beauty,
With love.
You will toss your tresses back in joy,
as you succumb to the flames in your soul,
brilliance billowing around you as you show
My beauty,
My love.
You were born for this. This fierce gentleness.
By your beautiful nature you may tire, fall, lie down to weakness.

Oh, my love,
You will long for Me to allow you to be hidden,
never showing your scuffs and stains.
My beauty,
My love,
I could never hide you.
You may rest.
Drink and eat plenty from my living sustenance.
You will rise, you will shine. Leading, lending, and loving with
My beauty,
My love.

-original poem by Erin Morris

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You are all fair, my love.

Song of Solomon 4:7

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Written and curated by Erin Morris. You can find out more about her here.

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