Advent 2016 Sneak Peek


Every year we are amazed at the response to our Advent and Lenten journals. Every year we feel encouraged to make it better than the last, every year we feel called to be pushed further, to push our community further into the arms of our loving Father.

This Advent is no different.

We began talking to Elizabeth Foss months ago about the possibility of her writing for Advent. We talked through ideas and about feedback from the previous years. We thought about our own prayer time and prayed about what the world needed this year as we prepare for the Babe in the manger.

Elizabeth, along with the Holy Spirit, blew us away. I mean, really blew us away. The first time I read through it, I got chills. I imagined all the women across the country, across the world cozy in their homes in those days leading up to Christmas reading this journal and digging deeper into their souls with the prompts that she provides.

The day’s scripture is paired with something to contemplate with your head, something to do with your hands and a special prayer for your heart. It’s 100 pages long. That’s by far our longest journal ever.


When Elizabeth came to us with her idea for the journal title, “By the Manger, in the Morning,” I got this image in my head of a manger overflowing in flowers – almost as if as we take time to contemplate that manger, the lowliness that our big, great God chose as His bed upon becoming Man, that our hearts would be overflowing with beauty and joy just as the flowers overflow.

I was visiting Mexico City and was in the last stages of designing the pages of the book. I took the journal to the Basilica of Guadalupe, and I entrusted it and all the women who use it to her in a special way. We prepare with our heavenly Mother as she prepared for the birth of her Son.

To show you how gorgeous this journal truly is, here is a video with an inside glance as well as sample page downloads for you. —>>>

A glimpse of the journal from the author, Elizabeth Foss:

Download the three days of journaling pages here: Advent Journal Sample Pages

We can’t wait to pray with you!


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